2020 Endorsements

Wake NCAE Virtual Apple Card

Wake NCAE proudly endorses these candidates for local and state office. So many new issues have risen in the last couple of years - school safety has a different meaning with the combination of COVID-19 and the school to prison pipeline continuously present; the lifting of the cap on charters and the damaging effect it has had on parts of Wake; corporate tax cuts giving new energy to austere budgeting practices; the Leandro ruling and the exposure of millions of divested dollars widening the opportunity gap; the recognition that $15/hour is no longer a living wage and our support staff still do not earn even that; and the ongoing devaluing of veteran educators.

Winning this election and maintaining pro-public school elected officials in Wake County is more important than ever before. On November 4th, we hope to celebrate a new day for North Carolina - one that recognizes the value of all public services and is led by bold, courageous policy makers willing to fight for the schools we all deserve in Wake County and across North Carolina.

We are endorsing these candidates because we believe they are up for the challenges ahead. We expect that each one will center our public school students and employees as we continue to work towards a brighter future. We believe that they can and will lead us into a new chapter with strong investments of the time, energy, and funds that will support a thriving public education system.

Please help us share this online this year since in-person voting numbers will be low