Enrolment Consultation

The Ministry of Education has instructed the Board of Trustees, to implement an enrolment scheme (school zone) to avoid overcrowding at Wakari school. As part of this process, we need to consult with our school community, the wider community and neighbouring schools.

This website portal has been designed by the Board of Trustees of Wakari School to independently consult with their community from one collective point.

The introduction of an enrolment scheme will not affect children who are currently enrolled at these schools. For children who have not yet enrolled the enrolment scheme means that:

  • if they live in the zone of the school, they will have the right to enrol that school
  • if the Board of Trustees enforces the enrolment scheme, then
    • if they live outside the zone, they will only be able to enrol at that school if there are places available in their year group. If more children wish to enrol than there are places available, places will be offered in accordance with the Education Act.

Before making any decisions on the enrolment scheme, we would like to hear the views of the community.

Please submit all comments in the online submission form or in the submissions box in the school office by

4.00 pm Wednesday 21 March 2018

We appreciate that this process will cause uncertainty for some families, and we will keep the school community updated.

The links below will give whānau, parents and caregivers the information they require to understand the processes and procedures of enrolment schemes.

The documents outline the processes Boards of Trustees must follow, information for parents and extractions from the Education Act relating specifically to enrolment schemes.

If you require any further information please contact the principal, Chris Smith.

Enrolment Schemes - Information for Parents

Information to help parents understand the enrolment process and how enrolment schemes work

Enrolment Schemes - Guidelines

A 45 page document of guidelines for the development and operation of enrolment schemes

Enrolment Schemes - Legislation

Specific references from the Education act relating to enrolment schemes - see sections 11P & 11PA