Our Staff & Board

We have an amazing group of highly professional and talented people who work at Waituna West School.

Our Teaching Staff

Gene Moore - Principal

Alison Symonds - Junior Class Teacher (NE - Year 2)

Kim Robertson - Middle Class Teacher (Years 3 -6)

Sarah Thomsen - Senior Class Teacher (Years 6 - 8)

Our Support Staff

Sarah Burge - Office Admininstrator

Yvonne Cameron - Teacher Aide

Jenny Higham - Teacher Aide

Karen Duncan - Cleaner

Bruce Roberts - Grounds Keeper

Emily Boyle - Grounds keeper

Our Board of Trustees are a highly dedicated group of people who work tirelessly to govern our school.  They are all very passionate about our school.

Our Board 

Gene Moore - Principal

Leanne Newcombe - Presiding Member

Nate Biesiek - Health and Safety

Dave Greenfield - Property

Erin Moar - Communications

Regan O'Brien - Policy

Alison Symonds - Staff Rep

Gene Moore

Principal/Room 4 Teacher

Ali Symonds

Deputy Principal/ Room 2 Teacher

Kim Robertson

Room 1 Teacher

Sarah Thomsen

Room 4 Teacher