What are National Standards?

National Standards are the benchmark that primary and intermediate students are expected to be able to achieve in reading, writing and maths in Years 1-8.

National Standards are sign-posts to show where a child is at in their learning and what they have to do next to progress.

Your child will start out working early at their year level with the goal being that they meet that year's standard by the end of the year.

Mid way through the year your child's school will report to you on how your child is doing. They will tell you if they are early in the year level, able to achieve parts of the standard, are on track to achieve the standard by the end of the year, and even if they've achieved that year's standard by mid year.

The end of year report will tell you where in the year level they are, whether they are close to or at the standard, or if they are working to the standard a year or even more above their year level.

Meeting the standards in years 1 to 8 means your child will have the reading, writing and maths skills to help them do well in secondary school and beyond. For more information visit: NZ Education for Parents