Early College/ Running Start

What is Early College?

Early College is an initiative that allows high school students to take college classes on their high school campus. For the most part, students in an early college class are taught by college professors and take the class with their high school peers. Students who successfully complete the college class receive both high school and college credit.

Sign-ups for Spring semester Early College Courses are currently available from 11/16-12/7. Please complete the sign-up form by clicking on the first link below. In addition you need to sign up for dual credit. 1st time students also need to enroll in the UH system. The bottom 2 links below will guide you through the process.

IMPORTANT: You will not be registered for the class until the checklist on your Early College sign-up form is fully completed. If you have questions/concerns or need help with this process see your counselor.

Early College sign-up form (you need to be logged into your school gmail to access)

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Steps to Enroll:

Application Link:


Directions to Apply for UH Application Early College:

Online UH System Application Instructions.pdf

Directions to Apply for Dual Credit Application:

Dual Credit Application Instructions.pdf

UH Username:

Get a UH Username.pdf

What is Running Start?

Running Start is a program that allows “eligible” high school students to take a college course at a University of Hawaii system campus as part of their high school coursework.

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