Using Language, Symbols, and Texts

As users of language, symbols, and texts at Te Kura O Waima, we use a wide range of thinking tools to ensure we are covering all aspects of this area of the Key Competencies. We also use the specific school matrix so we are able to discuss what we know and also what our next learning steps are.  Our school Principles are also integral to this competency.
Using language, symbols and texts is at the heart of both making meaning of knowledge and communicating. We use codes to represent and communicate ideas, thoughts, information and experiences in relation to, for example, science, mathematics, music, technology or literature. Students need to recognise and understand these code in order to communicate effectively across a range of language, symbols and tests.

Knowledge of individual codes is also necessary as students must be able to use the specialist vocabulary for each learning area. To achieve this differentiated kind of understanding, students need to be able to think in different ways and access new areas of knowledge.

ICT is an example of a new area of knowledge. At the same time it may cut across all the learning areas as students learn new ways of communicating and use language, symbols and texts in digital form through ICT-based learning within the range of learning areas (Simmons, 2009: p19).