Relating to Others

As we relate to others at Te Kura O Waima we use a wide range of strategies to ensure we are covering all aspects of this area of the Key Competencies. We also use the specific school matrix so we are able to discuss what we know and also what our next learning steps are.  Our school Principles are also integral to this competency.
To relate to others effectively, students need to be able to listen actively, recognise different points of view, cooperate, negotiate and share ideas.
(Simmons, 2009:p 20).

Tools for using the social web have changed both the way we use the Internet and the way we interact. The social web has emerged as a concept now that the World Wide Web is no longer just a tool to get information: it has become a place where you can upload your information, share it with others and quite possibly remix is and share it again. In this context, students may interact with other learners and educators irrespective of time and place, such as blogging. 
(Simmons, 2009:p 27)