Participating and Contributing

When participating and contributing at Te Kura O Waima we use a wide range of thinking tools to ensure we are covering all aspects of this area of the Key Competencies. We also use the specific school matrix so we are able to discuss what we know and also what our next learning steps are.  Our school Principles are also integral to this competency.
By participating in and contributing to their learning, students are empowered to be responsible for their progress and have ownership of their learning. This level of involvement encourages them to be active life-long learners.
(Simmons, 2009:p 29).
To foster this key competency, opportunities need to be provided, such as: participating actively in local, national and global contexts and contributing in relation to communities as defined by culture, school, family, work, interests,etc. Responding appropriately as a group member, making connections with others and contributing in a group, and balancing rights, roles and responsibilities. Critiquing a range of possible actions in a situation, and their likely consequences.