Managing Self

As self managers at Te Kura O Waima we use a wide range of strategies to ensure we are covering all aspects of this area of the Key Competencies. We also use the specific school matrix so we are able to discuss what we know and also what our next learning steps are.  Our school Principles are also integral to this competency.
Managing self is one of the most important of the key competencies to develop. We focus on it first as students need to develop this competency effectively before they can fully develop the other key competencies relating to others and participating and contributing. Part of the process through which students develop an understanding of themselves, their worth and their place in the world is to develop values and attitudes. They learn these values and attitudes through the modelling of others.
(Simmons, 2009:p 11).

The 21st century curriculum should empower students to be self-responsible learners so that they will become motivated to learn for life. It is in contributing to this outcome that the model of classroom practice is so important. When students learn in a supportive learning environment, their contributions are valued. There are strategies in place to empower students to reflect on their own learning, see for themselves where they need to make the next steps in their learning progress, and to monitor their progress. In this environment, teacher and student are working in partnership in the learning process.
(Simmons, 2009:p 13).