Curriculum Statement Technology

At Te Kura o Waima the expectation is that teachers will demonstrate quality teaching, planning and assessment in Technology. Technology is the addressing of needs and recognising opportunities to develop products and systems by using resources and is influenced by and impacts on people, cultures and environments.

Technology will provide our tamariki with opportunities to:

  • Learn practical skills
  • Develop models, products and systems
  • Learn about different examples of technology

At Te Kura o Waima students will intervene to solve a problem or address needs as informed citizens. Our tamariki will learn to be innovative developers of products/systems and discerning consumers who can make a difference in the world.

At Te Kura o Waima children will experience Technology through the following strands as outlined in the New Zealand Curriculum. It will be largely based around levels 1-4 and will be aligned to the following three strands.

Technological Practice - Students will

Examine the practice of others and undertake their own. They plan, design, investigate and evaluate outcomes and use findings to inform practice. In the senior school, they will also be exposed to ethics, legal requirements, protocols and codes of practice.

Technological Knowledge

Develop knowledge particular to technological enterprises and environments and understandings of how and why things work. They make designs and prototypes and evaluate these against their intended purpose.

Nature of Technology

Develop an understanding of technology and its influence and impact on people and/or the environment. They will learn how technologies are valued by different communities and learn to engage with current and historical issues.

Students will apply technological skills across a range of authentic purposeful contexts, tasks and audiences.

Technology will be taught through the WAIMA Inquiry model. It is suggested one major Technology focus will be covered each year.

Year 7/8 technology will be taught through off site specialists.

Technology at Te Kura o Waima will recognise it is always changing and is influenced by a range of cultural, ethical, environmental, political and economic conditions.

Opportunities to use the Key Competencies and WAIMA in Technology are expected