Curriculum Statement Social Sciences

At Te Kura o Waima the expectation is that teachers will demonstrate quality teaching, planning and assessment in Social Sciences. Social Sciences is about how societies work and how people can participate as active and responsible citizens.

Social Sciences will provide our tamariki with opportunities to:

  • Engage critically with societal issues
  • Gain skills and knowledge to participate and contribute to their community
  • Explore the unique nature of New Zealand society
  • Understand how society and it’s different groups are organised and function

At Te Kura o Waima students will be connected and involved in their community and the wider world. Our tamariki will learn to explore how local, national and global communities are shaped by different perspectives, values and viewpoints.

At Te Kura o Waima children will experience Social Sciences through the following strands as outlined in the New Zealand Curriculum. It will be largely based around levels 1-4 and will be aligned to the following three strands.

Identity, Culture and Organization - Students will

Learn about society & different communities, how these groups function and how these differences impact on our ever-changing world.

Place and Environment - Students will

Learn and understand how different people have different relationships with the environment how these interact and impact on people.

Continuity and Change - Students will

Learn and understand how past events, actions and experiences have impacted over time and to look to the present and imagine the possible future.

Economic World - Students will

Learn and understand their role and how they participate in the economy and how economic decisions affect individuals and communities.

Students will apply Social Science skills across a range of authentic purposeful contexts, tasks and audiences.

Social Sciences will be taught through the WAIMA Inquiry model. It is suggested one major Social Sciences focus will be covered each year through Inquiry Learning.

Social Sciences at Te Kura o Waima will recognise New Zealand’s cultural diversity and how the students see themselves being part of this. They will recognise the impact and importance the Treaty of Waitangi has on New Zealand’s society.

Opportunities to use the Key Competencies and WAIMA in Social Sciences are expected.