Curriculum Statement Science

At Te Kura o Waima the expectation is that teachers will demonstrate quality teaching, planning and assessment in Science. Science is a way of investigating, understanding and explaining our natural, physical world and the wider universe.

Science will provide our tamariki with opportunities to:

  • Develop an understanding of the world
  • Learn scientific processes
  • Problem solve
  • Make informed decisions about science and its relationship with them, their community and their environment.

At Te Kura o Waima students will develop a process to investigate, and build their understanding about their world and beyond. Our tamariki will learn to explore how the natural world works and the importance of science in their daily lives.

At Te Kura o Waima children will experience Science through the following strands as outlined in the New Zealand Curriculum. It will be largely based around levels 1-4 and will be aligned to the following three strands.

Nature of Science

Through this overarching strand students learn what science is and how scientists work.

  • Develop scientific skills, attitudes and values
  • Appreciate the durability of scientific knowledge and also realise how new evidence can bring about re-evaluation
  • Learn how to carry out investigations
  • Learn how to communicate scientific ideas.

Living World

Is about living things and how they interact with each other and the environment.

  • Develop an understanding of the diversity of life and life processes Develop an understanding of evolutional processes
  • Understand the impact of humans on all forms of life
  • Experience an emphasis on New Zealand biology, including sustainability.

Planet Earth and beyond

Is about the interconnecting systems and processes of Earth, our Solar System and the universe beyond.

  • Learn that land, water, air and life are interdependent and are all important Appreciate that humans can affect this interdependence in both negative and positive ways
  • Learn Earth provides all necessary resources for life, except the Sun’s energy.
  • Gain a sense of guardianship towards these resources

Students will apply Science skills across a range of authentic purposeful contexts, tasks and audiences. Science will be taught through the WAIMA Inquiry model. It is suggested that one major Science will be covered each year through Inquiry Learning.

Sciences at Te Kura o Waima will recognise the importance of our natural world and the wider universe.

Opportunities to use the Key Competencies and WAIMA within Science topics are expected