Curriculum Statement Learning Languages

At Te Kura o Waima the expectation is that teachers will demonstrate quality teaching, planning and assessment in Learning Languages. Learning a new language provides a means of communicating with people from another culture and exploring one’s own personal world.

Learning Languages will provide our tamariki with opportunities to:

  • Learn an additional language and its related culture
  • Appreciate that languages and cultures are organised and used to achieve meaning
  • Extend their linguistic and cultural understanding
  • Acquire new skills to live in a diverse world
  • Gain access to broader fields of knowledge

At Te Kura o Waima students will be given opportunities to experience other languages and cultures in appropriate social contexts. Our tamariki learn to communicate in an additional language, develop their capacity to learn further languages, and explore different world views in relation to their own.

At Te Kura o Waima children will experience Learning Languages through the following strands as outlined in the New Zealand Curriculum. It will be largely based around levels 1-4 and will be aligned to the following strands.


Speak and write confidently and effectively to an appropriate level

Language Knowledge

Know different purposes of language here students study the language in order to understand how it works

Cultural Knowledge

Understand differences and relationships, in and between cultures learn about culture and the interrelationships between culture and language.

Students will apply Learning Languages skills across a range of authentic purposeful contexts, tasks and audiences.

Languages are linked to social and cultural contexts in which they are used. Learning new languages provides a means of communicating with people from different cultures and exploring one’s own personal world. Te Kura o Waima students will learn about how languages link people locally and globally, play a key role in developing our personal, group, national and human identities and that oral, written, and visual forms of language link our them to their past and give access to new and different streams of thought and to beliefs and cultural practices.

Learning Languages will be part of the Year 7/8 programme where they will participate in online programmes to learn an additional language. All students will be Te Reo through daily life and deliberate acts of teaching in all areas of the school.

Opportunities to use the Key Competencies and WAIMA values within learning languages are expected.