Kia ora from Rimu class - It's time for Matariki, and its and Rimu's assembly on 23 June - so please join us!!!

What theme have we based our inquiry topics on this term?

With the chance to think about three main ideas: Place, Environment and Responsibility, we had to decide on a topic or issue we wanted to find out more about. This was the second time this term we have gotten the opportunity to do our own or with-a-partner inquiry projects which after we have completed and presented, the teacher and class evaluate... Some people presented theirs as a play, or a recording, but most did slideshows, and one did a poster. Our next step is to think of more creative ways of presenting our ideas, such as film making, or in the form of a model.... or even a real life project.

More on that later....

Here are some of the issues people investigated this time:

  • Global warming, by Neve and Kaitlyn
  • Plastic disposal in NZ, by Aleisha
  • Starvation in Africa, by Pip
  • Nissan, their electric cars and how enviro are they really? by Nick and Harri
  • Air pollution in China, by Mya and Anamika
  • Homelessness, by Chloe...

And so many more, with even topics like Nuclear Power options and Chernobyl!

Matariki, what it is and what we are doing to celebrate it:

  • Matariki - We have started to talk about communities, how everything and everyone should be more connected. We even made links to the place/environment inquiries we have been doing, and why for Maori celebrating the earth, sea and sky is right for our environment, and for all Kiwis
  • We've done a waka activity during Kia Kaha, and we changed it a bit. We made a huge waka, on the sea, with matariki above, the Matariki constellation guiding the travellers in their navigation, and each of us have made a small waka inside that, with different qualities you need to have for people in your team, or on a big adventure, or project. Some of these include:
  • reliable
  • honest
  • empathy
  • leadership
  • sense of humour
  • kind
  • intelligent

and many more.....!

Hi, this is Luke and Neve

On Monday, we went to the BOT meeting to talk about the NYLD//17, which means National Leaders day, but we also had something else to say. It was about Matariki and why we should celebrate it. We thought up of some ideas which were:

  • Make kites and fly them.
  • Have a Matariki themed lunch. E.g star shaped cookies.
  • Weaving.
  • A mini game of rugby at lunch.
  • Story telling. E.g the story of Matariki.

Mrs Russell told us to tell them WHY we should have a celebration, and we think that they are pretty convinced. Why? Because Mr Prescott said that we could either go to the next student council meeting, or come and see him in his office some time to make a plan happen.

Rimu's Matariki Assembly

23 June 2017

Aoraki/Mt Cook Camp News

From 14 to 17 November, Rimu class is going to Aoraki/Mt Cook, as you will all know, and your child(ren) will be starting to get excited about this.

This week a letter has gone home as a reminder to parents who may be interested in accompanying us, to express their interest in applying to be a camp parent, now, so we can keep up the planning. Last weekend Ms Russell visited Mt Cook, and did a recce, including a few walks... here's a wee teaser for you, and this was Mid Winter...

Please check your child's bag if you haven't received this recent notice home (22/06/2017) or download it from here: