Kia ora from Rimu class

Camp Notices

Camp parent selection letter June 30

What theme have we based our inquiry topics on this term?

With the chance to think about three main ideas: Place, Environment and Responsibility, we had to decide on a topic or issue we wanted to find out more about. This was the second time this term we have gotten the opportunity to do our own or with-a-partner inquiry projects which after we have completed and presented, the teacher and class evaluate... Some people presented theirs as a play, or a recording, but most did slideshows, and one did a poster. Our next step is to think of more creative ways of presenting our ideas, such as film making, or in the form of a model.... or even a real life project.

The coolest part? A recognition by the children of how everything is connected, and how we need to take positive steps to help our poor planet...

it's all about Sustainability, and...!

More on that later....

The Outlook for Someday 'Sustainability' Film-Making Comp will be happening next term... Students need to interpret the theme of Sustainability in their own way.

Pip, Maia and Mya, who competed in this last year, will be second year contestants, and are already excited about doing things in new ways from what they learned from last year's experience.

Here are some of the issues people investigated this time:

  • Global warming, by Neve and Kaitlyn
  • Plastic disposal in NZ, by Aleisha
  • Starvation in Africa, by Pip
  • Nissan, their electric cars and how enviro are they really? by Nick and Harri
  • Air pollution in China, by Mya and Anamika
  • Homelessness, by Chloe...

And so many more, with even topics like Nuclear Power options and Chernobyl!

Matariki, what it is and what we are doing to celebrate it:

  • Matariki - We have started to talk about communities, how everything and everyone should be more connected. We even made links to the place/environment inquiries we have been doing, and why for Maori celebrating the earth, sea and sky is right for our environment, and for all Kiwis
  • We've done a waka activity during Kia Kaha, and we changed it a bit. We made a huge waka, on the sea, with matariki above, the Matariki constellation guiding the travellers in their navigation, and each of us have made a small waka inside that, with different qualities you need to have for people in your team, or on a big adventure, or project. Some of these include:
  • reliable
  • honest
  • empathy
  • leadership
  • sense of humour
  • kind
  • intelligent

and many more.....!

Hi, this is Luke and Neve

On Monday, we went to the BOT meeting to talk about the NYLD//17, which means National Leaders day, but we also had something else to say. It was about Matariki and why we should celebrate it. We thought up of some ideas which were:

  • Make kites and fly them.
  • Have a Matariki themed lunch. E.g star shaped cookies.
  • Weaving.
  • A mini game of rugby at lunch.
  • Story telling. E.g the story of Matariki.

Mrs Russell told us to tell them WHY we should have a celebration, and we think that they are pretty convinced. Why? Because Mr Prescott said that we could either go to the next student council meeting, or come and see him in his office some time to make a plan happen.

Rimu's Matariki Assembly

23 June 2017


Aoraki/Mt Cook Camp News

14 - 17 November... Camp parents are now being sought... Notices have been sent home, with forms for parents who are interested in applying to be one of several camp parents required during this time... Please apply now :-)

Here are some images of Mt Cook taken by Ms Russell on a winter Aoraki recce last weekend, just to start you thinking about our wonderful Aotearoa backyard...

Mya Hagan won the 25 minute Writing Challenge on Friday. Here is her story, as voted favourite by her peers:

4pm by Mya Hagan

My Mum died three years ago on this very day at 4:00pm, it was now 3:30pm and I was scared what would happen at four….

I live in this little old creepy house beside a stinky swamp. I sometimes get frogs coming into my house and croaking, there is always cats fighting at night, sometimes there’s even blood on the doorstep. I get a little scared living out here on my own.

Lightning struck and the sky turned pitch black. I turned to the clock as a teardrop ran down my face - it was 4:00 pm.

Wild cats ran into my house hissing and growling at me, circling me. Then in came a big fat grey cat with one black eye and one green eye. He sat at my feet, but when I looked down he was gone; all the cats were gone.

I closed my eyes. I was hoping this was just a dream, and when I opened my eyes I was outside in the rain. There was a big black bag beside me. I tried to lift whatever it was in the bag… it was really heavy.

I managed to drag it inside, I opened it up and there said a voice: “Help me please.” I rushed to the other side of the room to get away from the bag.

A tall woman with blonde wavy hair stepped out of the bag and started walking towards me.

“Get back,” I screamed.

But as the woman came closer, I recognised her.

“Mum!” I screamed, as I ran over and hugged her.

America's Cup 2017 is OURS!!!! Here is Luke and Neve reporting to you from Rimu HQ on 27 June 2017...

Hi!! Neve and Luke here. It was exciting to find out that we had won the America's Cup.! In case you didn't watch it, we'll tell you all about it.

We had three wins, and then... A loss, which made us think about 2013. We were so close to wining that year, but then Oracle USA and the same captain versing us again this time, had had a big comeback. Luckily, that didn't happen this time!

Anyway... Here are some facts about the history of the America's Cup.

  • The America's cup is also known as " Auld Mug" , a trophy awarded to the winner of the America's Cup.
  • The America's cup is the oldest international sporting trophy.
  • America has held onto the trophy for 132 years, which is thirty-three races. Phew!! It's really good that we have got it now.
  • The America's cup was origanly 100 pounds. Wow!!
  • There was a twenty year gap during the World War Two and the America's Cup
  • Jimmy Spittall the captain of Oracle USA is down but not out ... he has won this cup twice before and he's an Aussie battler... Oh and he said only good things about us, he said: "we're disappointed obviously but first of all credit to Team New Zealand, what a series."

Term Two weeks 8-10

Maori Myths/Legends Illustrated Story books continue as part of our term's integrated learning topic, on the Environment, Tikanga Maori, Connectedness & Responsibility...

So much harmony and creativity in this task, it is wonderful to see...

The children are looking forward to sharing their illustrated books with the other students in the school. Honestly, I think these books just may be more gorgeous than the originals made by adults. Please come and take a look at them! We might upload some videos to this website of children sharing them with Junior classes...Watch this space!

Liam Aitchison, Y5 won the 25 minute writing challenge this week, as voted by his peers. Not sure how he managed to write this much, or all of these ideas in 25 minutes, and edited pretty much perfectly AND on a Chromebook, but he did... Here it is:

Zombie Snowman Concert Invasion 2020

I was looking forward to a great day ahead. I was excited I was going to be seeing Axl Rose and Slash perform, and especially Axl - who was wearing a beanie with a rose on it because it was so cold. But when I left my house to go to the concert there was something weird - there were lots of snowmen, but they were grooaanning and moving like zombies. A bolt of fear went through me. I decided to run to the stadium, but then it got dark as it was night now, and it was creeping me out.

When I arrived everyone was going crazy having a pillow fight, and I stopped it by going to the light control centre and turning all the lights off and on and then yelling through the mic: “ Guns and Roses, Get up here and play the soothing song, YOU COULD BE MINE!”

I got them on, and the pillows were thrown out of the stadium as Guns and Roses started performing, but then some of those dumb no good dirty rotten groaning zombies came, and meanwhile Guns and Roses were playing LOUDER AND LOUDER to blast those flesh-eating flesh lumps out of there. Just as Guns and Roses performed the heaviest song off their Greatest Hits album, WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE we all started a pillow fight, human vs zombie. This was no ordinary kind of concert, it was crazy as a jungle blowing up everything to smithereens. Human only had to get lots of heaters to melt all the snow, but then more of them spawned and I had an idea. I would get control of the spotlights and shine them at the zombies to melt them! I ran up the corridors into the control room of lighting and started shining them as brightly as possible. The zombies melted, but only to spawn more!

This was getting dumb, but then I got another idea, and I know - you are probably getting annoyed with my ideas and you want me to stop, but this one will work, I promise! I ran to the explosives store, and bought lots of ‘Zombie Only’ kill bombs and then raced back to the stadium.

I tore a hole in the stadium roof and started throwing them in all directions for 6 hours until the sun came out. This will work, I tell ya, it will burn all the zombies and the zombies will leave, but then the stupid things will leave the field all wet, and leave us no snow to play in and have games in... Hang on, I know…!

You are probably saying that it is evil and we will get hypnotised or get nausea , but I will pour all the evil out of it and then we can play for ages, and it will always be there, for anyone to come along and play in it, free of cost!

Do come down and play, it is awesome fun, and it is warm, but never melts, but I can adjust the temperature of it with a switch, and there will be slides, lazy rivers, spa pools, baby pools, lane pools and pool toys, well, snow pool toys. There will be a sauna with a TV inside, with SKY SPORT on whenever somebody comes in.

I was so happy with my success that I made a bank for people. I called it BRAINB, which stands for Brainy Rolling Awesome International Nice Bank. I sold lots of bank cards, and I gave away 1000000 dollars to every homeless person possible.

In conclusion, I am happy to help with the pool. Call me to tell me an idea on 04385854423, but only in the story, not in real life. If you do, you might be in super trouble!

Update on Rimu classroom.

Hello it is Chloe and Addi here, we are going to talk to you about the recent updates in Rimu. In the last two holidays Rimu has had some new things installed in the classroom. We've had a wall knocked down, new carpet and new lights. We are also making art for the back of the class after we came in yesterday morning and realised how nice the light was and how we could add to the mood by making some of our own art.

Here are some comments that some students had to say about the classroom:

Mya: Makes the classroom feel bigger and now it's just one big room and not three

Anamika: The room is lighter, softer and there is more room in the room.

Neve: The floor is softer than the other carpet.

Lily: It looks a bit bigger and it is more spacious.

Maia: The floor is more spongy and the lights make the room lighter.

Kaitlyn: It feels more spacious.

Well, we reckon there is definitely more light in the classroom and it is better without the wall in the way. By the way parents you should totally come in and see the room.


Here are some wonderful examples of personification that we were trying out today:

Sam E Yr5 : The floods are bullying the land, like a bomb going off in a building with heaps of people in it.

Kaitlyn Yr5 : The cloud was dancing up in the sky, listening to his favourite jam.

Neve Yr5 : The leaves leapt from the trees, swirling around in the wind to reach their destination.

Morning report written by Chloe and Addisyn 26/7/2017.

First day of term three, before school started and we are busy making art! Oh and Ashton is reading his book.