Welcome to Pikopiko where we do loads of learning disguised as fun, fun, fun! This is where more formal learning really begins at Waikouaiti school.

Come in and see us in action. We love showing off what we have been doing.

Welcome to 2018

Indigo found a bird's nest with a very old egg in it.

We looked at the nest through magnifying glasses to see how it was made. We watched how the South African Weaver bird builds their nests using a series of knots. Then we made our own nests by gathering what we thought we may need and then experimented with tying knots. That part was tricky but we came up with some solutions including using weaving in different ways and choosing stronger grasses to weave with. We used problem solving strategies and found that working together made our job easier.

In Pikopiko we use Numicon to help us understand maths concepts. We are able to see and feel the maths.


Kia ora!

Question - What can we do with the fridge box?

Decision - Make a Hunting Hut!

First the children decided they needed a plan so everyone knew what to do.

Then the serious business of building the hunting hut using natural materials began.

The result - one fantastic hunting hut with a blue running river in front of it! Oh and of course the hunting dog kennels.

Well done Pikopiko children - what a fantastic team effort!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Camping Out