Meet the e-Tuts

The e-Tuts project employs a team of University of Waikato students to help staff explore teaching technology tools.

Dakota Sorensen

Talofa, my name is Dakota and I am currently in my second year studying a Bachelor of Media and Creative technologies majoring in Maori Media as well as Screen and Media. I come from a variety of backgrounds with my mother being Samoan/Tongan/Pakeha and my father being Maori/Cook Island. I like to take long walks on the beach and chase waterfalls in my spare time. I have a vast knowledge of technology and I am excited to work with the rest of the e-Tuts team.

Maria Teresa Corino

Ciao, my name is Maria Teresa a.k.a. MariTe and I'm in UoW's new Master of Professional Writing. I got a BA/LLB sometime last millennium. I love reading paper books and scribbling in notebooks, but I also love the interactive digital toys available to teachers and students these days. I’ve been a blogger, flight attendant, underage winery tastings guide, radio broadcaster, and writer. I was born in Italy, lived in Ethiopia and Australia, speak Italian and French and Japanese. I'm now getting to know the wonderful world of chickens.

Rahat Hasan

Kia Ora. I am Rahat and I am currently doing my PhD on modelling of rechargeable batteries. I am also working towards setting up a home automation business with an AI based system. I am a huge fan of Simpsons and cars and also like travelling where I spend most of my savings! I recently joined the e-Tuts team and am really looking forward to work with the rest of the team.

Regi Adrian Medina

Kamusta, My name is Regi Adrian Medina. I am currently studying for the Bachelor of Computing and Mathematical Science. I started a hybrid of private tutoring and creatives club called ‘Crazed’ because of my high interest in education and creativity. Throughout my run as Crazed Club’s President, I have learned to organize meetings and events, teach piano lessons, collaborate with other clubs, provide free tutorial sessions for first-year level C# programming, create teamwork for a common goal and interaction with clients. I strongly believe that everybody has the ability to learn and grow their talents. And with the exciting new technologies that consistently evolve, I am looking forward to learning and teaching in my role as an e-Tut.

Sarah Ather

Salaam Alaikum! My name is Sarah and I am a 2nd year student currently undertaking a Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Social Sciences degree majoring in law and political science. I am originally from India but I was born in Saudi Arabia and have lived in Qatar, India and New Zealand for the majority of my life. I enjoy travelling, reading, horse riding, and political discussions. I am excited about working with the e-Tuts team and look forward to my role as an e-Tut this year!

Maximilian Gernhoefer

Hello friends, you can call me Max. Only my mum calls me Maximilian. I'm about to graduate in Computer Science (Bsc). During my time at Uni I've had the privilege to teach first and second year students through lab assistance and private tutoring. I love teaching students and my dream job would be a Lecturer. Outside of uni I like to spend my spare time hitting the gym, listening to music and the occasional video game.

June Chong

Hello, my name is June. I am currently doing a degree in Bachelor of Computing and Mathematical Science. I also do free tutorials sessions for first-year students in my department. I have a love for animations (especially cartoons), games and delicious food. I like to doodle and play games in my spare time.

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