Learning For Life

Cooperation, Collaboration, Competition

Noho Tahi, Mahi Ngatahi, Tauwhainga

Waikāka School is a small rural school with a roll of around 60 students.  In 2024 we have 3 classrooms operating: Room Tauwhainga (Years 5-8), Room Mahi Ngatahi (Years 2-5) and Room Noho Tahi (Years 1-2).  Our teachers are Mrs Millar, Mrs Miller, Mrs Taylor, Miss Poole, Mrs McKay, and Mrs Rufford. We have great support staff - Helen in the office; Carol, Quade and Janine are our teacher aides.

The school is situated in the Waikāka township with fabulous grounds.  We have a heated swimming pool which is used by both the school and community.  The community is very supportive of the school.  They have high expectations for their children and work along with the staff to achieve these.

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