Art Faculty

Through engaging in the Visual Arts, students learn how to discern, participate in, and celebrate their own and others Arts Worlds. Arts learning begins with children’s curiosity and a delight in their senses and stories and extends to the communication of complex ideas and concepts through the different disciplines of the Visual Arts.

Key Competencies in the Visual Arts

· Thinking- using creative, critical, metacognitive and reflective processes, drawing on personal knowledge and intuitions, challenging assumptions and perceptions in Art.

· Using language, symbols, and texts - interpreting language, images and symbols, using ICT, recognising how choices of language and symbol affect people’s understanding and responses.

· Managing self- having a self reliant attitude - self-motivation, appropriate behaviour, resourcefulness, resilience, setting goals and managing projects within the creative arts.

· Relating to others – listen actively, recognise different points of view, negotiate, share ideas, be mindful of the special quality of the creative space, being able to take on different roles in different situations.

· Participating and contributing- being actively involved in the artistic communities within the school – balancing individual rights, roles and responsibilities, and having a sense of belonging and the confidence to participate within new contexts in the visual arts fields.

The following Maori competencies are also embedded in the Arts curriculum at Waiheke High.

Pastoral Care Whanaungatanga: Building relationships, identity and pride.

Co-Curricular Activities Rangatiratanga: Promoting leadership, responsibility and team work.

Professional Development Matauranga: Cultivating wisdom, knowledge and experience.

Commitment to Māori Tikanga: Ensuring integrity, correct protocol and cultural safety.

Facilities Tinana: Creating the physical environment and resources.

Teaching and Learning Hinengaro: Academic pursuits stimulating the intelligence.

Personalised Learning Manaakitanga: Nurturing diversity through supporting individual learning needs, identifying talents and promoting diverse abilities.