WPS 'Hub'

Cold winter mornings are here and we have offered a few interesting learning opportunities for students try in the morning.

The app 'Smart Pad' has the students learning rhythm, coordination and patterns with musical songs in a DJ format.

Gary has provided us with materials for a 'marble run'. Students can see the potential to make a 'Rube Goldberg' machine using cause and effect such as this music video by 'OK GO' or Audri's Monster Trap.

Another inspirational video is 'finger kaleidoscope' by the talented group XTRAP.

Watch this space!

Well done to all students who competed in today's Franklin Orienteering Teams. I am eager to see our results and will share the news as soon as I can. We were very fortunate with the weather and as always, students had a really fun time running around the Reeve's Farm! Below is a picture of some of the teams in our new school sport shirts.... (our 'silly photo!)

This week in the Hub we trialled a full timetabling system for numeracy and literacy. Each student creates their own timetable with 'Must Do' activities set by the teacher. Because all people learn at different speeds, have different learning styles and differ with learning needs we offer workshops. Either the teacher will automatically book students into the workshops or students can choose to come along if they feel they have a gap in knowledge/skill or would like a refresher. While one teacher teaches, the other teacher is free to walk in between the classes and answers questions students may have and give guidance to keep students on track. We also have 'Can Do' activity options which extends student learning or gives students a chance to try something a little different.

This collaborative learning system and the timetable we created came with a few challenges and problems to solve. Many students made mistakes and we as teachers learned from the experience. Students gave us some excellent feedback and ideas about this and the hub which we will take on board as we work towards a system that keeps everyone organised, challenged, engaged and keen to learn in Term 2.

We are current conferencing with students and assisting them to set some high goals that stretch (not strain) them for the year ahead. Learning Folders will be coming home at the end of the term, Sharing My Learning evening is also coming up and we hope this helps when talking about your child's learning and goals.

There are lots of leadership opportunities on offer at Waiau Pa and we plan on providing more in Term 2. We are keen to hear of any new ideas about leadership roles we can provide that will help our Year 7 and 8 students learn and grow to be mature and confident people whether they prefer to lead or support others.

Kauri students had an enjoyable week last week at Kauaeranga Valley Christian Camp. There were a lot of fun situations, a lot of learning opportunities, challenges and a lot of smiles! Here are a few samples of student's writing.

The Water Slide.

I can’t wait till it’s my turn, the line is getting closer and closer to the start of the slide. I feel my heart starting to pump, as I get a good glimpse at the steep slippery slide. I leap onto the hot black tarpaulin as if I am diving into a icy cold pool. The water is spitting up onto my face and in my mouth like a sprinkler. My body is gliding through the air sliding on the soapy mat. Constantly spitting the liquid soap out of my mouth. How is it going to feel when I go sliding along the grass?, will I go sliding along the grass?, will I stop in the middle? My speed isn’t changing in fact I’m going faster and faster and faster. I feel the texture on my tummy change, I skid along the grass into a big puddle of mud. I’m soaked, covered in grass, here it goes again.

By Maddi.

As I'm lined up to slide down the water slide I see Henry slide down on his knees imagining how saw that would be. It's almost the time for my first time getting wet at Kauaeranga Valley Christian Camp as the non expected hose splashes all over my face and Ben's face (the creek water). It’ s my turn to go down the bumpy water slide,I go down on my stomach and I straight away I regret going down on my stomach because it killed my stomach I splash through the mud and don't go on the waterside again.

By Quinn

Gold Mine

As I take my first step I have a blood rush through my body. My heart is beating 50 miles an hour. The darkness looks like midnight. The puddle splashes on my leg. I get pushed and shoved to the back of the line. The minutes passed and we got deeper and deeper as the was covered by the walls of the tunnel. All I could hear was the echo of the voices behind. The slips got bigger and the ground got wetter. The statues gave us the shivers and the creeps. We went silent and could hear the sound of pick axes digging in solid rock. The light in front of us became visible. My last step was like I finished a marathon.

By Tahlia-Marrie