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PBIS update

PBIS Refresher

After winter break, getting back into the routine of school can be challenging for students and teachers alike! PBIS expectations are reviewed during these times to ensure students are reminded of ways in which they should “Be Ready, Be Respectful, and Be Responsible!” This review is essential for our students to be set up for success!

You might also see a need for reviewing at home. Remind your child how a responsible student completes homework before having screen time or how respectful people use their manners when asking for something.


Nurse's Note

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The power of expectations

Children pick up on what parents expect from them and they're likely to rise to the occasion. Try these suggestions for setting and communicating high, but reasonable, expectations for your youngster.

• State your expectations. You can be direct (“I expect you to finish homework before you get screen time”) or indirect ("When you begin middle school you will need to study for your tests"). Communicate your expectations regularly so your child knows them.

• Be realistic. Your youngster will be more apt to meet expectations if they're within her reach. If she has scored poorly on several of her spelling tests. It may be more reasonable to expect her to score two or three words better on the next tests rather than score a perfect on those tests.

• Make attendance a priority. Let your child know that you expect her to attend school all day, every day, unless she's sick or there's a family emergency. Show her that you value attendance by scheduling vacations and, when possible, medical appointments outside of school hours.

Note: If you have more than one child, try to communicate high expectations suited to each of there specific ages.


Snow Gear

Remember to send all 5 basics (hat, coat, gloves, snow pants, and boots) to school with your children everyday until we let you know differently. If the weather starts to get nice still send all of the gear. We will make a determination at school to not wear all the gear outside if the temps warrant that, but we can't have them put on snow gear if it isn't at school. All winter gear should have the students name written or sown into it. This will help lost items to be returned quickly and will decrease the number of times your student's winter gear gets lost or confused with another students'.


January Lunch Menu

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