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PBIS update

A large part of PBIS is rewarding positive behaviors that our students display each and every day. This month, students from both buildings who demonstrated their knowledge of positive character traits and behaviors were rewarded with pancakes with the principal! Mrs. Loutsch and Mr. Popken flipped flapjacks and celebrated with our students!

Parent Connection

Creating routines

Read aloud daily

Reading aloud to your youngster for at least 20 minutes every day is one of the most important keys to his success. Many parents read bedtime stories, but you could also read a wake- up story in the morning, hold a family read aloud after dinner, and carry books in the car to read on the go. Choose a variety of reading materials, including fiction, nonfiction, children's magazines, and poetry.

Plan a healthy lifestyle

Routines that keep your child healthy also support academic achievement. If he is well rested, he'll be more likely to arrive at school ready to learn, so make sure he gets 9-11 hours of sleep. And good nutrition will give him the energy he needs to focus in class. Have him start each day with a healthy breakfast at home or in school. Regular physical activity-at least an hour a day—promotes good health, too. Take family bike rides, shoot baskets together at a playground, and set an example by regularly exercising yourself.

Attendance Policy

Research shows there are negative effects on students who are chronically absent such as:

  • Lower reading proficiency
  • Higher rate of school dropout in HS
  • Linked to a greater chance of poverty, poor health, and involvement in the criminal justice system

We want our students to reach their full potential and to do that students need to be at school. They cannot do that at home. Even the makeup work that can be sent home does not fully replace the experience of learning at school in a classroom with peers and teacher.

Here is a link to West Sioux's attendance policy.

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