Dear Guest,

Welcome to our Escape Room. We are so happy to see you here!

Below you will find the link ENTER to start the game.


Just like in a physical escape room, you do not need any search engines. If you do need something outside of this escape room, we will provide a link to it.

This escape room is meant to be a playful exercise; please don't break anything or use brute force to solve a puzzle.

After solving a puzzle, you may find a link. If you do, copy and paste the link in your browser - clicking it will not work.

This escape room can be completed in roughly 30 minutes.

If you dare, feel free to invite others to enter the Open Science Escape Room.


This website works best in Chrome or Firefox

Keep a pen and paper or an empty document ready in case you need to write something down.

Want to know more about Open Science?

Most universities in the Netherlands have Open Science Communities and/or Open Science Support. Check out the resources and support at VU Amsterdam, EUR and TU Delft.


Image by Ben Peters from De hondsdagen