Virginia Beach 4-H In-School Enrichment Programs

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Mission of the Progrm

A school-based program can be any of the following:

  • 4-H In-school Enrichment: Offered to groups of youth, taught by Extension staff or trained volunteers (can be a trained classroom teacher), and designed to support the school curriculum. Per the University of Kentucky College of Agriculture, Food and Environment (n.d.) 4-H School Enrichment webpage: "Enrichment can extend and enhance students' learning with fun, hands-on activities, provide an outside source of information to positively reinforce what is taught in school, and provide a different point of view about the same subject matter which may help youth comprehend and apply their newfound knowledge." Enrichment programs may not offer all the elements of Positive Youth Development (PYD) as they are condensed programs that focus on specific core learning objectives. Examples include 4-H Embryology, 4-H Public Speaking, National 4-H Youth Science Day, National 4-H STEM Challenge, 4-H Day at the State Capital, etc.

  • In-school club: Follows a more traditional club approach but occurs during school hours.

  • After-school club: Follows a more traditional club approach but operates directly after school hours (between 3:30 and 5:30 PM); can be at a school, community center, etc.

In-School 4-H Enrichment offerings for Virginia Beach Schools

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4-H Embryology

A 25-day interactive classroom experience where students incubate chicken eggs until they hatch and observe chick behaviors for 3-5 days.

4-H Surviving Jamestown

Students receive 8-10 lessons immersing them in challenges that mirror the challenges of the Jamestown settlement. Lessons lead up to the understanding of the French and Indian War.

4-H Ham Project

Overlapping the food insecurity issues of the early Virginia settlements, students complete the process of curing and smoking an actual Smithfield ham in the traditional ways that created our Virginia country ham legacy.

4-H Bunnies in the Classroom

Two 4-H French Angora rabbits help students learn about ecosystems, habitats, and niches while learning about animal behaviors and self-awareness.

4-H Day at the Capital

4-H Youth from across the state convene in Richmond where they observe active legislative sessions and meet with elected officials. Tours of historical sites are also scheduled.

National 4-H STEM Challenge

4-H STEM Challenges can be conducted in 3-6 classroom sessions and explore a real-world issue. This year's 4-H STEM Challenge explores oceanography and utilizes the Explorers of the Deep 4-H STEM Kit.

Questions? Want to sign your classes up?

Contact Jonette Mungo, Virginia Beach 4-H Extension Agent, , 757-385-4769, for more information.