Ethics and Academic Integrity

The VT Graduate School requires that all graduate students be trained in some ethical issues around academic issues that are necessary for successful completion of graduate school and beyond, such as writing without plagiarizing and including proper citations. The SOE has developed a training module that most of the programs use for meeting these requirements, and each program has also identified course(s) that meet additional ethical issues that might be more specifically relevant to specific professions.

The information below outlines what is needed according to the program in which students are enrolled, and instructions on how to access the training module in both Scholar and Canvas. When students submit their Plan of Study to their advisor, they need to also submit the grade sheet showing completion of the module with a score of 10, 11 or 12. The directions for printing the grade sheet in included below as well as at the end of the module.

Note: Please use Firefox, Chrome or Internet Explorer to open the Ethic Modules.

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