2017 Contest Information

Contest Objective

To provide an educational program for Virginia youth who are interested in improving and testing their knowledge of the dairy industry.

Date of Event: Friday, September 29

Entry Deadline: September 22

How to Enter

Step 1: 4-H Leader or FFA Advisor will complete the group entry form. [http://tinyurl.com/2017sfjdc]

Step 2: The superintendent will email the leader/advisor an Excel spreadsheet to enter names and other information for each contest and to make preliminary team assignments.

Step 3: Leader/advisor will return the completed spreadsheet to the superintendent via email.

Step 4: The superintendent will email the leader/advisor information needed to purchase tickets online at the $5.00 discounted rate.

Step 5: Leader/advisor will purchase tickets for all attending, students and chaperones.

Participants and coaches must have a $5 Student/Competition Ticket to enter the Fair grounds unless they are already at the Fair for another competition.


1. Written test of 50 questions (250 points)

2. Identification of 10 pieces of dairy equipment (50 points)

3. Identification of 10 pieces of cattle equipment (50 points)

4. Identification of 10 grains, forages, silage or supplements commonly fed to dairy cows (50 points)

5. Identification of 10 dairy products (50 points)

6. Answer 10 questions on DHIA records (50 points) ***NEW***

7. Judge a class of cows (50 points)

8. Judge a class of heifers (50 points)



Competition Guide

Virginia 4-H Dairy Quiz Bowl Study Materials

SFJDC ID Items - Revised 2013.pdf
2016 JDC Junior Test - KEY.pdf
2016 JDC Senior Test - KEY.pdf
Henry Smith DHI-202.pdf
DHI-202 Herd Summary.pdf
Sample DHI Questions.pdf