Student Engineers' Council


The Student Engineers' Council (SEC) at Virginia Tech is devoted to serving the University's College of Engineering. The SEC helps foster a professional and social network for students across all engineering disciplines by organizing events such as E-Week, Engineering Exposition, and the Leadership in Engineering Conference. The organization aims to facilitate communication among students, design teams, employers, and the College of Engineering. Ultimately, our mission is to provide students with the tools and opportunities they need to succeed, both in and out of the classroom.

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Chris Brassel

Vice President

Charlie Lertlumprasert

Director of Finance

Taylor Kulik

Director of Philanthropy

Henry Brown

Director of Administration

Alexandra Peck

Director of Relations

Camellia Pastore

Engineering Expo Chair

Mariam Hasan

LEC Chair

Tony Mistichelli

Information Management Chair

Reilly McLaren

Awards and Scholarships Chair

Molly Zuidema

Publicity Chair

Shivani Bajaj

Membership Enrichment Chair

Mark Seymour

Engineers Week Chair

Jack Wasilewski

Freshman Committee Chair

Gabi Dugan