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Virginia Tech Graduate Philosophy Conference 2016 Call for Papers

The Graduate Philosophy Club of Virginia Tech welcomes paper submissions for its thirteenth annual Graduate Philosophy Conference, which will take place October 28-29, 2016 in Blacksburg, VA. This year’s conference theme is “Puzzles and Paradoxes,” and it will feature keynote addresses by Professor Graham Priest (CUNY Graduate Center) and Professor Ted Parent (Virginia Tech). Papers on both the general treatment of paradoxes as well as projects dealing with specific puzzles, paradoxes, or antinomies are welcome. more info...


Department Talks

December 2

Philosophy Colloquium

Sam Cowling, Denison University

1040 Torgersen, 4:00–6:00

January 27

Philosophy Colloquium

Sarah McGrath, Princeton

335 Lavery, 4:00–6:00

February 17

Philosophy Colloquium

Elizabeth Barnes, University of Virginia

117A Surge, 2:00–4:00

March 17

Philosophy Colloquium

Marija Jankovic, Davidson College

335 Lavery, 4:00–6:00

March 31

Philosophy Colloquium

Josh Schechter, Brown

335 Lavery, 4:00–6:00

April 7, 8

Junior Metaphysics Workshop

More Information visit Website

Friday: 320 Lavery, 3:00–6:30

Saturday: 335 Lavery, 10:00–6:15

April 19

Philosophy Colloquium

Walter Ott, University of Virginia

130B New Classroom Building, 4:00–6:00

April 28

Philosophy Colloquium

Duncan Richter, Virginia Military Institute

335 Lavery, 4:00–6:00

Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (PPE) Talk Series

February 24

PPE Distinguished Public Lecture

Martha Nussbaum, University of Chicago

Haymarket Theatre, Squires Student Center, 4:00–6:00

March 22

PPE Speaker Series

Jerry Davis, Michigan

117a Surge, 4:00–6:00

April 12

PPE Speaker Series

Andrew Light, George Mason University

117a Surge, 4:00–6:00

Graduate Conference Keynote Lectures

Graham Priest, CUNY Graduate Center

Ted Parent, Virginia Tech

Schedule for the conference will be posted in the Fall.



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As a way to keep in touch with alumni, the Department publishes a regular newsletter with the latest news about the philosophy community at Virginia Tech.

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