Veteran Benefits Handling System

Our objective was to re-design the Veteran Affairs (VA) Benefits Handling Process to help the certifying officials update the benefits processing for students with ease and for students to view the status of their certification meanwhile.

Project Duration: August 2022 - November 2022

Role: UX Research, UI/UX Designer

Client: Veteran Affairs office at Virginia Tech


The Veteran Services office at Virginia Tech, with a staff of three, deals with 1000 benefits users. They receive up to 20 requests a day from users on the status of their benefits during the peak months (August-September, January-February). On top of handling such repeated requests, they have to work on the paperwork to handle the certifying process with the Department of Veteran Affairs. There was a critical need to have a transparent and efficient system where each step is documented by the certifying officials so that they, along with students, can check on the student's status. 


The team included me, Alicia Harman, Brian Bell, Janie Rhodes, Maheep Mahat, and Shafiqul Islam. Every few weeks, we submitted a status report focused on each step of the usability engineering cycle. I was involved in all stages of the project.

The Design Process

The UX Journey in a Nutshell

Prototype Screens

For more details, see Figma (link)

Evaluation Process

Design Recommendations for next Iteration