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Muskan Gupta (she/her)

CS Grad Student at Virginia Tech

Currently looking for Full-time roles as a Creative Technologist, UX Researcher, or Product Designer.

I like to design and develop technology that is inclusive and equitable. My research interests lie in social computing, specifically digital mental health and computer-mediated empathy.

Muskan is sitting on the ground near a pumpkin patch and smiling in her Virginia Tech hoodie


Sep 2022: Joined the Center of Human-Computer Interaction (CHCI) Student Council

August 2022: Completed summer internship at The Trade Desk

May 2022: Presented research at the CHCI Student Symposium

May 2022: Attended CHI 2022

Feb 2022: Joined EchoLab at Virginia Tech as a member

Oct 2021: Attended CSCW 2021

Sep 2021: Joined Center of Human-Computer Interaction at Virginia Tech

Aug 2021: Joined Virginia Tech as a master's thesis student in Computer Science

Selected work

Perceptions of Trigger/Content Warnings on Social Media

Veteran Affairs Benefits Handling System

Immersive Embodiment to Generate Empathy for Trans People

Speech Visualisation: make XR accessible beyond sound

Social Media Perspectives Toward Transgender People in Sports Over Time

Probing Gender Bias in Pre-trained Language Models

Other Projects



Get in touch at muskan@vt.Edu