Advanced STRuctures and Optimization (ASTRO) Lab

Welcome to Advanced STRuctures and Optimization (ASTRO) Lab!

We are interested in computational problems (multi-scale modeling, optimization, uncertainty quantification, model reduction, machine learning) for different materials (metals, metallic alloys, composites, meta-materials) in multiple length scales ranging from micro-scale to component-level in moderate to extreme environments.

Our team (Sheng Liu, Mahmudul Hasan, Mohamed Elleithy, Arul Senthilnathan, Rick Catania, Kiara McMillan, Henry Zhao, and Dr. Pinar Acar) are standing in front of the R-R Trent 1000 Turbofan Engine in Goodwin Hall (photo credits: Alex Parish, February 2022).


Advanced STRuctures and Optimization (ASTRO) Lab

Department of Mechanical Engineering

635 Prices Fork Road, 210 Goodwin Hall

Blacksburg, VA 24061