ArdUAV is a new and comprehensive Arduino library to make programming your own custom fixed wing UAV easier than ever. With as few as 50 lines of code, you can access flight critical data and call all the necessary functions to command control surfaces within your own sketch. This gives you the functionality of other "off the shelf" autopilots, but also offering access to low level data (i.e. latitude, longitude, elevator servo angle, etc) through a more intuitive interface.

In order to help understand what features are available for use within this library, check out the Ground Station API and Integrated Flight Controller API pages.

Library Dependency Diagram

How to Install

Go to the GitHub repository and click the green "Clone or download" button on the right hand side

Click the "Download Zip" button

After the zip has downloaded, right click the zip and select "Extract All..." In the menu, select any location you would like to save the extracted zip file (i.e. Desktop).

Copy the contents of the extracted zip to your Arduino IDE user library folder ("...\Documents\Arduino\libraries"). Your user library should include all the folders shown in the picture to the right.

Installation is now complete!

Now all you have to do to use the library is insert #include "GS_Tools.h" for your ground station sketch and a #include "IFC_Tools.h" for your flight controller sketch.