Time to take a look at your phone and submit those classroom pics to the yearbook! The printing deadline is fast approaching (March!) and we are already hard at work on the book. Our biggest challenge is always collecting the pics for the individual class pages, because we can’t send yearbook photographers to every class all the time. Anytime you are volunteer, for Meet the Masters, for a field trip, for anything...please snap a pic on your phone and upload it to share with us.

We do NOT need pics from schoolwide special events at this time, just individual classes.


Go to pictavo , locate Virgina Shuman Young, and upload your photos for the yearbook!

For the new system, go to . There is not a separate app anymore because this website is functional on smartphones as well as computers. You will need to create a new account the first time you go there, after that it should be smooth sailing.

When you log in, you will see folders for each class and for various school events. Please select the appropriate folder to place your photos in.

NOTE: If you do not see a folder for a particular event, this means we are not currently accepting images for that category (either it is not going in the yearbook, we have too many pictures already, or the deadline for that event has passed (2-weeks post event)).

THANK YOU!!! Remember: if your child wants to be in the yearbook...we need those pics!

If you have any questions or need troubleshooting, e-mail us at .

NOTE: We are grateful for any and all pics, regardless of how you send them, but please do remember that emailing them to us creates several extra steps of work for our team. If you are willing to upload them, we give you our thanks! I know it's an annoying extra step for you...but bear in mind that we then end up having to do that step for you, multiplied by all the people who do the same. Again, if emailing is your only option, we'll take it, and we thank you either way!!