Deb's Class

I look forward to a great year with each of you and can't wait to see the great things we can accomplish together!

Each period is identified on my website and within the hour are the classes I am offering. These classes will have a link to calendars for information and assignments. Due dates will be enforced for assignments and homework.

6th period is my Prep


Students will be graded on daily assignments(75%), homework (5%), and the pre(5%) and post tests(15%).

Grading scale is as follows:

92% -100% A

83% - 91% B

74% - 82% C

65 % - 73% D

Below 65% F

Attendance is KEY for learning. The school expectation is 90% or better attendance rate. AS the quarter progresses, interactive notebooks will be added to some classes and assignments will be linked. If a student is absent, I expect they will check the class page and come to me with questions.

Assignments will have due dates. Do not expect that all work can be turned in at the end of the quarter.

Homework will have due dates. Late homework may receive penalties in scoring or may not be accepted.

Distance Learning

  1. Information shared through our Google software or searched on the Chromebooks leaves a history that can be reviewed by our site administrators.

  2. If it is not appropriate to say out loud in school-don’t write it in Hangout or say it in Meet!

  3. Offensive or hurtful comments will be dealt with per the VES Student Handbook. Unacceptable behavior may lead to you being asked to leave the chat/meeting and complete a make-up assignment.

  4. This is still school. You are expected to act like it. This includes spelling and grammar.

  5. When you enter the Meet/Hangout, mute yourself by clicking on the microphone. (If you are already not muted.)

  6. If you are in a video chat, everyone can see you, your background, and anyone within range of your camera.

  7. When you have a question, type in the textbox and wait for your teacher to call on you--then unmute yourself.

  8. When you have something to contribute to what is being said, but it is not your turn, use the chat feature in the right-hand corner.

  9. Only one student should contribute/talk at a time.

  10. Look into the camera when you are talking.

  11. Pay attention to your teacher or other students who are speaking.

A.B.C. Always Be Courteous