Voodoo Momma's

Our story:

Two things that commonly bring people together in the sense of family or community are food and music. Think back to your family BBQ, with Grandpa at the grill and everyone gathered around in a warm environment. How about music festivals, where everyone comes together for the experience and to appreciate amazing music? Every great thing must begin from something, and in 2016, Voodoo Momma’s was created from a love of food, music, and people. Why only feed your body when you can feed your soul as well? Our company operates by this mantra, ¨Feed Your Soul,¨ meaning that not only will the savory food served warm a customer, but so will the electric atmosphere that comes along with Voodoo Momma’s to any event. Festivals, catering, day parties, and surprise appearances are where you can find our krewe and experience the magic for yourself. The spirit of live music, dancing, interactions, and the art behind it all drives the team to provide tasty dishes and top notch service. Life is constantly evolving and people do fade away as they age, move, and begin families and their priorities change… this has caused a constant flow of krewe members to come through and share their love for the business.

Voodoo Momma’s has grown so much from a little pop up tent and a mere idea into a business run by friends, family, and friends that become family. The krewe brings a little magic wherever they go, selling soul food, hats, stickers, shirts, and spreading good times across the country, although Houston and SWLA are forever considered home.