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Tech-driven Clinical Decision Support Systems, or CDSS, are ushering a paradigm shift in healthcare as we know it. They are adding evidence-based and data-driven insight, clarity and simplicity to what can often be complex decision-making processes – thus significantly amplifying time, costs, patient experiences and healthcare outcomes.

As global adoption increases and capabilities become more advanced, however, there is a need to deep dive into this fast-emerging trend. It is also time to empower the community with mission-critical knowledge, tools and trends to make the most of this disruption.

Healthcare policy think-tank VOICE OF HEALTHCARE and knowledge & tech powerhouse WOLTERS KLUWER join hands to bring you a very special talk series to shed light on these very aspects, as we trace the evolving journey of CDSS into a bold future.

Featuring leading minds, visionaries and leaders, this 3-month long campaign will try to decode challenges, recode perception and align synergies on the best ways forward.
And, hopefully, prepare us better to take decisions that can both save, and change lives.


Turning CDSS into an organization wide culture / habit : Benefits & challenges.

Date - 14th July 2021

Time - 3:00 PM - 3:40 PM


How does CDSS benefit patient safety in pulmonary care?

Date - 31th July 2021

Time - 2:00 PM - 2:40 PM


What is the role of CDSS in private hospitals in tier 2 & 3 cities?

Date - 18th August 2021

Time - 2:00 PM - 2:40 PM

Points of Discussion
What are some of the clinical challenges across hospitals/clinics in non-metros? To what extent can CDSS address these challenges to optimise and standardise healthcare delivery? What is the new normal in healthcare delivery according to you and how is CDSS enabling it? What is the level of adoption and awareness for CDSS in non-metros among clinicians and hospitals at large? Do you see CDSS can bring a behavioural change for increasing clinical outcome? Can “ALERT FATIGUE” be a considered as a challenging factor for the acceptance of CDSS ! Why should clinics/hospitals in non-metro leverage CDSS and what advantages will it provide them? What are the challenges of adopting CDSS and EBM in non-metros? We have seen a good IT adoption with CDSS in your hospital, what are your thoughts


How do we improve Patient safety by reducing Medication Error

Date - 8th September 2021

Time - 2:00 PM - 2:40 PM

Points of Discussion
  • What is the main cause of medication errors in a hospital and how can CDSS help?
  • What is the role of communication in a hospital between different care teams and does CDSS help?
  • How important is the dosing in special populations(renal/hepatic)?
  • What is the role of nurses and paramedical staff in improving patient safety?
  • The economic impact of medical error in a hospital setting (readmission, length of stay)?
  • Updation of pharmaceutical knowledge and its impact on medication error (Drug interaction, off label indications etc.)
  • What is the role of Trissels IV for drug interaction access at point of care help in reducing medication error?


What is the role of CDSS in day to day practices of patient management?

Date - 10th November 2021

Time - 6:00 PM - 6:40 PM

Points of Discussion
  • What are the post covid complications and how is CDSS helping them to address those ?

  • How did CDSS help them Pre Covid Era/Post Covid Era??

  • What are the learnings that they had during the crisis and how much CDSS helped?

  • Real Life Case Study – How did CDSS help in managing post covid complication?

  • Any changes in approach towards managing care for patients post covid administration?


How does CDSS help in care standardization in a hospital network?

Date - 23rd November 2021

Time - 5:00 PM - 5:45 PM

Points of Discussion
  • How important is medication dosing in neonatal/paediatric care and how does CDSS can help?

  • How does CDSS benefit the care team and how do you drive implement and adoption across hospital? (Nursing team- how does nurses play a critical role).

  • How are nursers adopters of CDSS at point of care?

  • Real life case study where CDSS has helped the care team?

  • What is the role of patient education material in the care giving process?


How Clinical Decision Support System Enable Standardization in Renal Dosing?

Date - 11th December 2021

Time - 2:00 PM - 2:40 PM

Points of Discussion
  • What are the parameters to be checked for altered kidney function and how can a CDSS help here?
  • Most common kinds of renal impairments where a CDSS tool is required? And how does it help?
  • What are the dose adjustments in adult/paediatric patients in altered kidney function and can CDSS help?
  • Which route of administration will have significant impact for patients with altered kidney function?
  • What are the international society guidelines with reference to renal dosing?
  • How does the management of Diabetes Miletus in post kidney transplant patient and how can CDSS help

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