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VLN Primary gives you access to a wide range of programmes to fuel passions, expand interests, and develop strengths. With the support of our VLN Primary eTeacher and your school, students can develop the ability to self-manage their time and take hold of their learning. VLN programmes can give structure to a passion project, be a taster for a future elective, or provide a platform for exploring curriculum that is not able to be covered at school.


Digital Technology

Intro to Coding

eTeacher: Jen Hammonds

Understand algorithmic thinking to build block-based computer code for gaming. Debug (fix) basic code, create and manipulate simple games through user feedback, and develop your own game in Scratch!

Web Design

eTeacher: Jen Hammonds

Understand the influence and effectiveness of website design elements. Develop and evaluate wireframes (plans) for websites based on user feedback. Create websites using Google Sites.

Digi Tech & Ext

eTeacher: Lucie Lindsay

Develop knowledge, understanding and skills in computational thinking and coding. Explore advanced Scratch, Javascript, Python and more. Think creatively, reason systematically and work collaboratively.

Digital Citizenship

eTeacher: Lucie Lindsay

Develop digital literacy and cyber safety skills based on the NZC values and key competencies. Learn about your digital footprint and how to be safe online digital citizens.

Aotearoa New Zealand

Shaping Aotearoa

eTeacher: Jen Hammonds

Explore Aotearoa’s past and influences which have shaped our nation including early Māori and colonisation, the Tiriti o Waitangi, and the range of different people who have come to call New Zealand their home.

eTeacher: Jo Wilkinson

Learn basic the hand shapes, facial expressions and body movements of sign, the natural language of the deaf community and one of New Zealand's official languages!

Te reo Māori - Tahi

eTeacher: Jen Hammonds or Koka Jules

Kia ora! Learn pronunciation, introduce yourself and your family, communicate feelings and location with basic questions and responses.

Te reo Māori - Rua

eTeacher: Koka Jules

Tēnā koe e hoa! Build on the basics of speaking Māori. Communicate likes and dislikes, time, weather and seasons, as well as personal characteristics.


eTeacher: Koka Jules

Kia mau! Learn and practice waiata (song) and actions, along with tikanga (protocol) for performance of Aotearoa’s national cultural identity, te ao Māori.

Gifted Programmes

These programmes combine different areas of learning. They are for students who associate with being 'gifted' or are advanced in their learning.

eTeacher: Jen Hammonds

Gifted & Going Deeper

Explore personal characteristics and concepts of giftedness to help make sense of ourselves as learners. Learn to critically respond with P4C which encourages respectful responses to moral, ethical and everyday dilemmas.

Maths Phenomena

Investigate number systems - the familiar and unfamiliar, delve into negative numbers and exponents - how big and small can numbers get? Explore numbers and patterns in nature.

Integrated Programmes

Integrated programmes are ones that combine a range of different subject areas into a theme. Both of the courses on offer use online tools and technology, maths and risk calculations, and Google Sheets.

Future Skills

eTeacher: Jen Hammonds

Gain appreciation for budgeting by choosing a career, building a resume and ‘landing a job’. Deduct taxes & loans, use online tools for groceries, clothes and accommodation!

Risk vs Reward

eTeacher: Jen Hammonds

Explore the stock market through authentic tasks preparing students for future investments. Invest pretend money in real companies. Follow the stock market and investigate why particular stocks have risen or plummeted!

Science & Maths

MRS GREN Biology

eTeacher: Alia Malik

Learn, discuss and carry out simple experiments to investigate our living world, how it adapts and interacts.

Matter & Material

eTeacher: Alia Malik

Explore the intricate world of material and matter. From chemical structures through to physical forces and natural phenomena.


eTeacher: Alia Malik

Explore the fascinating subject of space and the relationship between the major players in our solar system.

Problem Solving Booster & Extension

eTeacher: Alia Malik or Sunny Yang

Improve your maths skills through learning techniques to solve relatively lengthy word problems that require comprehension skills and several things to be worked out to get an answer.


Creative Writing & Poetry

eTeacher: Carolyn Drahohs

Read and respond to poems, prose and short stories to improve your own personal creative writing.

Speeches & Essays Booster

eTeacher: Jen Hammonds

Learn to research and organise ideas and information in a logical and persuasive manner. 5 week course.

Literacy Booster & Extension

eTeacher: Carolyn Drahohs

Improve written language skills for either Year 8 students preparing for high school or Years 5-7. Guided learning opportunities to develop spelling, grammar and written language skills.

Art & Design

Visual Art

eTeacher: Carolyn Drahohs

Experience Visual Art through a variety of hands-on tasks using different media and techniques like drawing, painting and digital art. Engage in activities, quizzes, and videos to learn about artists/art concepts.

Logo Design

eTeacher: Jen Hammonds

Understand why logo design is important! Analyse and create various logos through sketching and digital tools. Use your logo to create marketing material such as business cards and letterheads.

Learn a language


eTeacher: Anna Fourie

Hallo! Learn the basics of speaking Afrikaans, a Germanic language spoken mainly in South Africa.

Cook Islands Māori


Kia orana! Learn the basics of speaking Māori Kūki ‘Āirani, the language of our Pacific neighbours with many similarities to Māori of Aotearoa.


eTeachers: Gayleen Mackereth or Alana March

Bonjour! Learn the basics of speaking French, an official language of over 29 countries!


eTeacher: Stephanie Michel

Hallo! Learn the basics of speaking German, a popular language spoken throughout Central Europe.


eTeacher: Olivia Graham

Kon’nichiwa! Learn the basics of speaking Japanese, the national language of Japan and over 128 million people.


eTeacher: Sunny Yang

Yeoboseyo! Learn the basics of speaking Korean, an East Asian language spoken by more than 77 million people.


eTeacher: Lisa Wang or Su Yang

Ni hao! Learn the basics of speaking Mandarin, the only official language of China and the most spoken language in the world.


eTeacher: Madlen Kunath or Gayleen Mackereth

Hola! Learn the basics of speaking Spanish, the second most popular language in the world, spoken throughout South America and Spain.


eTeacher: Geoff Ward and Rosmini College students

Kamusta! Learn the basics of speaking Tagalog or Filipino with high school students from Rosmini College.