Students spend 1 hour each week learning with VLN Primary.

For most programmes, students meet for approximately 30 min on Zoom and spend 30 mins on independent tasks using Google Classroom or Seesaw. Classes run 15, 25 or 30 weeks (mid Term1 - end Term 2 and Term 3 - mid Term 4).

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Feel free to share this programme outline with students, teachers, whānau and other schools. If you have any questions or suggestions please get in touch.

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Aotearoa New Zealand

Kia ora! Beginners learn pronunciation, to introduce yourself and family, communicate feelings and location with basic questions and responses. Next, build on the basics by communicating likes and dislikes, time, weather and seasons, as well as personal characteristics.

Kia mau! Learn and practice waiata (song) and actions, along with tikanga (protocol) for performance of Aotearoa’s national cultural identity, te ao Māori.

Learn basic the hand shapes, facial expressions and body movements of sign, the natural language of the deaf community and one of New Zealand's official languages!

Explore Aotearoa’s past and the influences which have shaped our nation including the creation of our continent, early Māori and colonisation, the Tiriti o Waitangi, and the range of different people who have come to call New Zealand home.

Limited availability. Please register your interest.

Digital Technologies

Understand the basics of how the internet and coding work. Learn to think step-by-step with Scratch to code your own games, and debug others. Extension students will explore advanced Scratch, Javascript, Python and more. Think creatively, reason systematically and work collaboratively.

Understand the influence and effectiveness of website design elements. Develop and evaluate wireframes (plans) for websites based on user feedback. Create websites using Google Sites and Wix.

Develop digital literacy and cyber safety skills based on the NZC values and key competencies. Learn about your digital footprint and how to be safe online digital citizens.

Integrated Programmes

Explore the universal theme of change. How have we changed in our short lives? What about the world around us? Questions guide students to better understand the way they see and engage in the world around them. 25 weeks.

Learners meet other motivated and independent peers, share ideas and advice and access teacher and professional guidance to develop a burning passion into a project. 25 weeks.

Investigate number systems - the familiar and unfamiliar, design your own! Delve into negative numbers and exponents - how big and small can numbers get? Explore numbers and patterns in nature and get creative.

Gain appreciation for life after school and budgeting your finances by choosing a career, building a resume and ‘landing a job’. Deduct taxes & loans, think about saving for retirement, then use everyday online tools for groceries, clothes and accommodation!

Invest pretend money in real companies. Follow the stock market and investigate why particular stocks have risen or plummeted!

Limited availability. Please register your interest.

Maths & Science

Problem Solving Booster & Extension

Improve your maths skills through learning techniques to solve word problems that require comprehension skills and several steps to be worked out to get an answer.

Explore the fascinating subject of space and the relationship between the major players in our solar system.

Who is, or what is Mrs Gren? Learn, discuss and carry out simple experiments to investigate our living world, how it adapts and interacts.

Limited availability. Please register your interest.

Explore the intricate world of material and matter. From chemical structures through to physical forces and natural phenomena.

Limited availability for. Please register your interest.


Read and respond to poems, prose and short stories to improve your own personal creative writing.

Learn to research and organise ideas and information in a logical and persuasive manner.

Use books you love (and choose) to make connections with characters, explore their journey, and unpick their point of view.

Creative Arts

Explore some famous works and gain techniques for illustration and creating mixed media art works from what is available in your environment.

Explore design basics, then get a taste for several of the following: product design, logo creation, architecture & interior design, clothing, animations, and websites.

Explore song writing as a form of creative and emotive expression. Gain an understanding of song structure and techniques to write your own lyrics.

Language & culture

Hallo! Learn about the cultures of South Africa and the basics of speaking Afrikaans, a Germanic language spoken mainly in South Africa.

Kamusta! Learn about the culture of the Phillipines and basics of speaking Tagalog or Filipino with high school students from Rosmini College.

Bonjour! Learn about the culture of France and the basics of speaking French, an official language in over 29 countries!

Hallo! Learn about the German culture and the basics of speaking German, a popular language spoken throughout Central Europe.

Kon’nichiwa! Learn about the culture of Japan and the basics of speaking Japanese, the national language of Japan and over 128 million people.

Annyeonghaseyo! Learn about the culture of Korea and the basics of speaking Korean, an East Asian language spoken by more than 77 million people.

Ni hao! Learn about the Chinese culture and the basics of speaking Mandarin, the only official language of China and the most spoken language in the world.

Hola! Learn about the Spanish and South American cultures and the basics of speaking Spanish, the second most popular language in the world.

Pasifika Languages

Kia orana. Fakaalofa lahi atu. Mālō e lelei. Tālofa lava. Talofa ni. VLN Primary are really keen to offer more Pasifika language programmes, as we have with Cook Island Māori.

Please register your interest if you would like to learn or teach a Pasifika language.