Add A Calendar To Your Devices

This article describes how to add a shared organization calendar to your devices.

So, you found out about a shared calendar, and you have a link to it either in an email or on a webpage. What can you do with it?

Add it to your mobile device

I only tested this on my iPhone and the iOS Calendar App, so you're on your own with an Android phone or if you use another app. To add the calendar to your Apple Calendar App, simply touch the link, and then click Subscribe in the menu that pops up. And there it is, available in your Calendar.

When you open the iOS Calendar, at the bottom in the middle you'll see Calendars. Touch it, and you'll see all the calendars that you're using, and how they are color coded.

Add it to your Outlook for Desktop

On your computer, click on the link either in an email or on a webpage, and choose to open it with Outlook:

You will find the calendar under Other Calendars below your other calendars:

Add it to your Google Calendar in a browser

Go to your Google Calendar (see Browser Apps to see how). You will see "Add calendar" with three vertical dots to the right. Click on the three dots, and then click on From URL:

In the window that shows up (see below), paste the link into the From URL field (1), and click Add calendar (2):

Then, when you return to your calendar by clicking the back arrow (3), your calendar will be installed as Other Calendar: