VAC Belgrade

The "Vizantrop" collective was invented as a platform for the association of regional and international (audiovisual) anthropologists, documentaries, artists and all interdisciplinary researchers who are dealing with film and photography.

We are group of anthropologists, ethnologists and sociologists from Belgrade and Zagreb who are organizing a quarterly journal for interdisciplinary audiovisual research, visual anthropology and ethnographic film.

Our goal is to launch an audiovisual lab, which will produce scientific works, films, video attachments, photographic diaries, and more. In addition, we want to participate in the development and expansion of anthropology and ethnology in elementary and high schools in the Balkans.

ANTROPOP is a young organization, almost one year old, but very active.

So far, we’ve organized one international student’s ethnographic film festival (SEF festival) and we are organizing a second one this year as well. Also, we organized three separate lecture series (about anthropology) and held altogether many lectures, in three different cities. We organized three workshops – two for children, one for NGOs and unemployed people. We participated in two international training courses (UK and Latvia) and two national. We organized a well visited conference about future employment of ethnologists and anthropologists. We created a platform for visual anthropologists called Balkantro network. We opened up a “Bank of knowledge” where our members share their skills and knowledge about traditional crafts. We also have our own library! We have a column in a regional media, where we publish are texts.

The mission of this organization is to promote ethnology and anthropology by showing general public why and how these sciences contribute to the development of the society. We do so by showing their practical as well as educational benefits.

The mission of the Media Education Centre is to promote role of the Media, Peace and Information Literacy in the transition to sustainable ways of living and a global society founded on a shared ethical framework that includes respect and care for the community of life, new media pedagogy, ecological integrity, universal human rights, respect for diversity, economic justice, democracy, and a culture of peace.

The Media Education Centre (MEC) for children, youth and adults is a nonpolitical, nonprofit, nonsectarian NGO. People from different socio-cultural backgrounds work together converting and translating ideas and opinion in creative Media Language and Produce Film, Animation, Radio, Television and other Digital Media with main goal to ADVANCE Communication, Social Change, Intercultural-Interfaith Dialogue, Social Inclusion, Gender Equality, Ecological Wisdom and Social Responsible Development. Our work promotes the Global Education, Vocational Education and Training, New Media Education/Pedagogy for Children, Young Adults, Disabled People, Migrants, Refugees and people from other vulnerable groups. Media, Information and Peace education and literacy support our effort to promote Communication, Cooperation and Peace and to ensure promotion and implementation of human and children’s rights, media and information democracy, self-expression and preservation of cultural, buy online levaquin national and religious diversity.

Tri groša/Threepenny is a group founded by young theatre professionals in Belgrade. It has been grounded with a mission of developing the alternative performing arts scene in Serbia through art practice.

Our motivation is our feeling that our city and Serbia still lay out of the paths of young artists and intellectuals from the rest of the world, and that is a serious drawback for the development of our culture. We know that the only way to progress is through intercultural exchange.

We hope for reaching a sense of community, a unique sensational and metaphysical exchange between all present in theatrical act, for impression of shared experience – opposite to institutional form of theatre performance.

Any space should be turned into a place of intimacy for uninterrupted communication flow. As a group without performing space, we need to be ready to adapt to any circumstances and adjust the current given space to our ideas. That will give a special dimension of unexpected and surprising to every performing case. In that sense, we experiment with dialectical unity of matter and form, their ability to change, transform and produce new images and meanings.

There is no artistic means that we prefer – we are not just turned towards new technologies, or towards digging in theatre history. That is all a question of style, and every participating person should have a possibility to create/express their own. We are rather gathered around the idea of professional art outside of the existing institutions. Although we do believe that a theater process needs an organic leader, the one who is going to pump in the energy and to create the working circumstances, our main stand is that a theatrical process should not be organized strictly hierarchical, but rather constructed organically. We advocate a democratization of art, in which nobody is going to be the holder of the greater concept, and the rest executioners/consumers of his/hers ideas.

That is why our aim is to make first a local, then regional and finally international connections between various alternative art groups and individuals, thus to form a stronger network and a platform for development of the independent art scene in Belgrade and Serbia. We want to achieve that through working on the affirmation of young artists.