What is this site?

This site is basically a placeholder. The domain is mainly used for email addresses. While there are some pages here they are only for internal use. There are no public pages other than the ones you see here.

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I need to contact you services are not available to the public. Because of privacy reasons, we wouldn't be able to answer most questions.

We do wish to receive any form of sales information.

No, I really do need to contact you.

I have a DMCA, ICANN or legal notice. Or, there is something SERIOUSLY wrong.

You must send your message by email. Send the notice to the email address on our whois record.

We will ignore and not acknowledge invalid DMCA notices so please be sure that you have met all requirements and have consulted a qualified attorney. We remind you that DMCA notices are filed under penalty of perjury. Severe penalties may apply for the filing of false notices.

Don't send the notice to our internet service provider, send it to us first.