6th Grade S.T.E.M.


Science teaching and learning is guided by the Next Generation Science Standards.

In addition to experiencing a wide variety of science phenomenon, students will also conduct various hands on experiments to deepen their understanding of the world around us.


Technology is integrated into students' learning. Students are expected to have his/her iPad at school and fully-charged every day. Students will also have access to Chromebooks for digital portfolio creation, Dell laptops for coding, and VEX Microcontrollers for robot automation.


Engineering is an integral part both NGSS (Next Generation Science Standards) and PLTW (Project Lead The Way) curriculum. PLTW introduces students to topics like coding and robotics where students can engage their natural curiosity and imagination in creative problem solving. In 6th grade we utilize PLTW Gateway curriculum and students engage in the Automation & Robotics unit.

-->PLTW Automation & Robotics:

Students will trace the history, development, and influence of automation and robotics as they learn about mechanical systems, energy transfer, machine automation, and computer control systems. Students will use the VEX RoboticsĀ® platforms to design, build, and program real world prototypes such as dragsters, pull toys, recon vehicles, traffic lights, toll booths, and robotic arms.


We cover California Common Core state standards for Mathematics. Click on the linked picture below to find the standards in full:

Below is a quick overview of the bigger ideas in 6th grade as well as the 8 mathematical practices. The 8 mathematical practices are constant across all grade levels and are connected to the standards as students engage in mathematical tasks.