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Student Access to AP Scores

Posted on 21 June 2021 (Source: College Board)

Scores for exams taken during Administrations 1 and 2 will be available to all students starting July 21. More information can be found on the student AP scores website.

Most scores for exams taken in Administrations 3 and 4 will be available by August 16.

Regardless of a student’s score, taking the exam has benefits. And, if students do score a 3 or higher, they can earn college credit and/or placement. Learn more about credit and placement.


Posted on 26 May 2021 (Source: IB)

Due to changes in the application process for some institutes of higher education and Admission centres, the request for results service deadline has been extended to accommodate all transcript requests. The screens will remain open until the 04 July 11.59pm GMT.

Programme coordinators will no longer be able to submit transcript requests on behalf of candidates after results have been released (05 July for a May session). Candidates will be required to submit all additional or late transcript requests directly to the IB by completing the transcript request form on the public website providing payment.

Please ensure that all candidates are aware of the transcript requests that have been submitted on their behalf. Candidates can view the universities that their results are being sent to by logging into the IB candidate website and clicking on the Transcripts tab. Please inform all candidates that they should not submit duplicate requests as this will delay the sending of results and the admissions application process. In addition candidates will be charged for any duplicate requests made.

All universities that receive IB results in electronic format will be able to download the results on 05 July at 12pm GMT, providing a transcript request has been submitted. All universities that receive results in paper format will be sent the results transcripts by 31 July, with the exception of several countries such as Spain, India, Germany and Sweden where the admissions deadline is much earlier and therefore the results will be sent out earlier to meet these deadlines. To check whether a university receives results electronically or in paper format, please use the request for results service option followed by request by candidate.

Students planning to continue to college/university can send IB results (from both years if an IB Diploma candidate) to 6 different institutions. This request has to be completed by July 1st to take advantage of the FREE reports.

IB will charge for these results to be sent to university AFTER score reports are released in July. Please review the information provided above.

Send the information in the screen shot below to Ms. Kordis BEFORE July 1st.

**UPDATED** IB/AP Testing Schedule: May/June 2021

Admin 4 added for approved make-up AP exams

Makeup exams for Administration 4 can be requested either by:

  • The student: After Administration 3 begins, a student who is registered for an Administration 3 digital exam can submit a request for a makeup exam through My AP. They should submit a request for a makeup exam as soon as they know they need one. Requests must be submitted no later than 7 calendar days before the makeup digital exam they want to take in Administration 4. If a student submits a request and no further action is taken, the student’s request will automatically be approved and processed after the deadline of 7 calendar days before the scheduled Administration 4 digital exam date. Once a makeup digital exam request is processed, the previous exam won’t be scored.

The May 2021 exam session for AP (Advanced Placement) will be conducted primarily in Administration 3 as at-home digital exams June 1-4 and 7-11. *(There are some exceptions.)

Please view the IB/AP Testing Schedule for exam specific information.

The AP 2020-21 Updates page is linked here.

VHS 2021 AP Digital Exam Instructions

Students/Family Information & Videos

VHS 2021 In-Person Exam Information

(AP Spanish Lang / AP Calc / AP Stats)

The May 2021 examination session for IB (International Baccalaureate) will be the non-exam route.

Student results will be awarded using coursework marks and predicted grades.

More information about the process for awarding grades for the non-exam route can be found

here (English) and here (Spanish).

Vista High School offers a comprehensive honors program in which academically motivated students develop their full potential by pursuing rigorous curricula in grades 9 – 12.

The International Baccalaureate (IB) and Advanced Placement (AP) programs are included in our honors program.

Classes in grades 11 and 12 are labeled IB or AP (with the additional option of AP Human Geography in grade 9 & AP European History in grade 10) which culminate in a variety of assessments.

In grades 9 and 10, courses prepare students for success in the IB Diploma Program and AP exams, which are primarily administered in May of the 11th and 12th grade years. Most universities give college level credit for passing scores on the IB higher level and AP exams, and the two programs are universally recognized for their high academic standards.

It is highly recommended that students intent on going to college fill in individualized 4-year academic plans in 9th grade and review them annually with their Counselors and the Honors Coordinator. As students prepare for college, they are advised to remain aware of Vista High School’s graduation requirements, college entrance requirements and the advanced credit policies of the colleges to which they are applying.

The College and Career Center, Honors Coordinator and Counselors can assist students with this task. Review information on VHS Course Catalog page on the Counseling section of the website.

*Note: If students are interested in joining CSF (California Scholastic Federation) and graduating in white, students should contact the CSF club advisor.

International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (11-12)

The IB Diploma (IBDP), internationally recognized, is awarded to students who successfully complete coursework and examinations in 6 subject areas.

The six subject groups are:

  • Studies in language and literature

  • Language acquisition

  • Individuals and societies

  • Sciences

  • Mathematics

  • The arts

Students follow a challenging course of study in these fields over a two-year period (junior and senior year) as well as complete a course in Theory of Knowledge (TOK), a Creativity, Activity and Service (CAS) project and an extended essay (EE), supported by a staff advisor.

Advanced Placement (AP)

In the Advanced Placement program, which is administered by the College Board, students test in specific subject areas. Unlike the IB, students may test after only one year of study. Some AP classes may have prerequisites, so students should consult the Honors Coordinator and their Counselors for more information.