Dimension 1 (D1)

Introduction to Dimension 1 (Basic Skills):

Basic skills designed to lay the groundwork for project and presentation. Review basic design elements, tools and the requirements for product presentation.

Remember that when any type of cutting is involved, students should be under the direct supervision of an adult.

Task for D1:

  • Watch Video Lesson 1, 2, 3 and 4
  • Follow each lesson and practice each skill being taught.
  • Digitally document your mastery of each skill by applying (actually doing) it. This may be through any digital means that makes sense to you for exhibiting your work.
  • Save/Load/Link the digital evidence of your mastery into your Personal Brand website. Current VIDA students should do this on their Personal Brand website by making a new page titled "Dimensions." New-to-VIDA students should keep evidence electronically until they have built their Personal Brand website. CLICK HERE if you want to get started.

Mastery Rubric for D1:

This is only required for the AP2EX Award.

Please CLICK HERE for the Rubric your work will be measured upon for Dimension 1. Remember, these Rubrics are Pass/Fail. You must keep track of your evidence of mastering each skill through video, or pictures with text in your Personal Brand website.

*Note: All students, in all grade levels are encouraged to follow the video lessons for each Dimension of Product Design @ VIDA, even if they do not intend to complete the AP2EX recognition.

Dimension 1; Video Lesson 1 : Balance/Symmetry

Dimension 1; Video Lesson 2: Perspective & Shading

Dimension 1; Video Lesson 3: Color & Value

Dimension 1; Video Lesson 4: Measuring, Cutting & Scoring