Virtual Learning Center


Virtual Learning Center 1-page VLC Flyer HERE

What VLC is: A proctored study-hall environment to help students through online learning; A program to keep students on track and allow parents to work; A supervised schoolwork assisted learning setup.


To enhance the educational effectiveness for each child under the supervision and guidance of talented staff in a set study situation and with oversight and reporting to parents about daily progress.

To allow parents to work, knowing that their students are acquiring and maintaining solid study habits in a challenging environment of virtual learning via Teton County School District.

To enhance engagement - for under-challenged students, we’ll alert teachers to students’ appetite for more enrichment opportunities; for over-challenged students, we’ll communicate with parents and teachers about ways to support students and foster their subject matter understanding, academic development, and love of learning.

Who VLC is for: Students of TCSD, grades 6 through 10, as they journey through online learning offered by their school, on days when they are not engaged in face-to-face instruction

What VLC is not: We aren't a school, tutoring service, or a program designed for students with specific needs. At a later date, we may begin to offer more targeted tutoring and possibly after school recreational/enrichment options.

About Us

J. Scott McGee

J. Scott McGee studied Psychology and Education at Dartmouth College, and is an educator and instructor trainer, a published author and a lifelong learner. Scott lives in Jackson with his wife and two daughters, 12 and 15.


Michael Adams

Michael Adams studied Geography at Kansas State University where he also organized and lead The Climbing Club, an SGA sanctioned student activity. An inspired awe for the outdoors led to his long-term affiliation with the outdoor retail industry where he shared insights and enthusiasm with patrons from every walk of life. Currently a certified professional ski instructor and snowboard instructor, he enjoys sharing the shred with many students in after school and weekend programs. As a certified Early Childhood Educator, he understands the need for nurture and discipline to work hand in hand with child and adolescent development.


How We Started

Noting the difficulties that children, parents, teachers and families have had keeping up with schoolwork, we believe that a supportive learning environment can greatly increase educational effectiveness.

In a physically-distanced Covid-compliant workspace, with plexi-divided workstations, twice-daily wipe-downs, and access to outdoor places for breaks and recreation, we provide encouragement, progress tracking, and weekly reports to parents and teachers.