February 2019

What's happening?

Our teachers are visiting their students across the state of Arkansas!

Student of the Month

Maggie Williams

Piggott High School

This student is a present Miss Arkansas USA Teen. She travels constantly around the state and country representing the best from the Miss USA Teen pageant . She not only travels often and is an ambassador of our state and what we are all about, but she never misses an assignment in my class, and is always cheerful and ready to ask questions. She will get help through Zoom and through email whenever she needs something. She stays on top of her assignments, and rarely needs much assistance. She is self-motivated, has an excellent work ethic, and gives a nod to our Courses wherever she goes in her travels because she has the freedom to do that thanks to our distance learning set up.

Nominated by: Tammara Mitchell | Concurrent Credit Campus

Facilitator of the Month

Susan Potts

Charleston Public School

Tell us a little about your family:

I am married to Karl Potts we have been married for 36 years now. We have two children Karl Jr and Alison Glover. We now have two beautiful and smart grand children whom I love more than anything!

Position at Virtual Arkansas:



Charleston Public Schools

Where did you grow up?

Charleston AR

Why did you decide to work in education?

Because I love our youth and I wanted to help mold their future.

What is the best part about being a facilitator?

Getting to see these young students do more with their education by taking more challenging classes.

If you could give your students one piece of advice, what would it be?

Be a good honest person and put into life more than you take.

Teacher of the Month

Regina Gorman

| Concurrent Credit Campus |

Tell us a little about your family:

My husband David and I have been married for almost 36 years. Our son Brandon is married to Stacey, and have given us two beautiful grandchildren: Grayson and Landry. Our daughter Whitney was recently married to Shaun this past October, and his daughter Livi is a precious addition to our family.

Position at Virtual Arkansas:

Concurrent Credit College Algebra instructor


After being a stay at home mom until my children were school age, I attended the University of Arkansas at Monticello and received my bachelor's degree in mathematics with an emphasis in education in 1996. After teaching several years at both Drew Central High School and Monticello High School, I returned to UAM and earned a Master's of Education degree with an emphasis in mathematics.

Where did you grow up?

I grew up in Warren, AR (Land of Tall Pines and Pink Tomatoes).

Why did you become a teacher?

Honestly, my desire to become a teacher first began as convenience. I wanted a career in which I could have time off in the summers and holidays to be with my children. Since I had always been good at math, I figured I would try to become a math teacher. Even though going to college as a "non-traditional" student (that means old person) with a family was challenging, I soon figured out that teaching was indeed a calling. Not only did my love of mathematics inspire me but the desire to help others understand the subject better motivated me. I love being able to help others, and God truly blessed me when he directed me into education. Someone must not only love what they teach, but who they teach.

What is the best part about being a teacher?

The best thing about being a teacher is getting to be a part of the lives of each student. Helping students do better on the ACT or preparing for a career in which math will be used warms my heart. I love running into former students who are now grown with their own families and them telling me how useful something was that I taught them or how they realize they should have paid closer attention in class. Now as an online teacher, I am awarded the opportunity to touch lives of students all around the state. What a blessing! Also, I work with an amazing group of people . God is truly good.

If you could give your students one piece of advice, what would it be?

Do your best and be your best!

A good book read...

In this section of our blog we are sharing what some of our Virtual Arkansas Educators are reading. Each month will have a book review by one of our own! We hope by sharing our love of reading with you, you may find a book to enjoy as well.


There is a reason this book is required reading. Most everyone knows about "The Little Rock Nine" and the debacle that ensued concerning the resistance to integrating the schools. However, it is not as widely known that the high schools actually shut down for an entire year because the school board was so dead set against integration. Levine brings us a story from the perspective of a shy, middle school girl, whose sister is sent to live with grandmother in Pine Bluff, Arkansas, because her parents did not want her to lose out on a year of schooling.

Levine delves into the issues of "passing" as white, the violence against both blacks and whites who support integration, and great hope that comes from seeing people find their voices to finally speak out against what is not right. And she does this without sugar coating anything.

The protagonist, Marlee, becomes friends with a girl who is discovered to be "passing" as white. She pursues the friendship against her parent's wishes, finds her voice, and becomes a key player in the fight to re-open the schools.

Don't miss this one, it's truly inspiring!

Person Sharing: Rhonda WilliamsVirtual Arkansas Position: Concurrent Credit Campus