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Congratulations to Fifth Grader Abby Kane - she was a district winner in the Wisconsin Ag in the Classroom Essay Contest - please see below for details

Wisconsin fourth and fifth graders were asked to write a 100-to-300-word essay with the theme, “How has Wisconsin agriculture affected your life today?”

Each year the Wisconsin Farm Bureau’s Ag in the Classroom program hosts an essay contest revolving around food and agriculture. This contest is open to all fourth and fifth grade students across the state.

A total of 1,574 students wrote essays for the competition, which is sponsored by the Wisconsin Farm Bureau Foundation and We Energies.

The nine district winners received a prize package including a yard sign, Culvers gift card, plaque and a selection of books. The state winner also received an additional plaque and gift.

Below is her winning article -

How has Wisconsin agriculture affected your life today?

What would happen if we did not have agriculture in our everyday life? Well first when you wake up you would not have any blue jeans to wear. You would need cotton and Indigo plant. Then when you go down stairs to eat breakfast, there would be none. You wouldn’t have an egg from a hen to eat. Or maple syrup from the trees, where the farmers collect the syrup, to drizzle on your pancakes. You need farmers for those things. Then you would get in the car to go to school or to the grocery store. But you need agriculture for those things. The car would not run because you need corn derived oil that helps power the car. If there was no agriculture then you would have no grocery store, because where would the grocery store get the food from? You wouldn’t even have text books to read out of at school. You wouldn’t have any pens to write with either; the ink in the pen is made from soybeans. Then what if you have to do the laundry? You couldn’t because you wouldn’t have any laundry detergent because it’s made of soybeans that a farmer collected. You think oh, lunch time! No agriculture. No lunch. Then time for sports. I guess you're going to walk today. The car won’t run. You show up to football. The ball is made of leather from a farmer’s cow. You go home. You remember that there's no dinner this time. So that is what a day without agriculture would be like.

Congratulations Abby!