Board agendas

The Board of Education meets the third Monday of each month at 7:00 p.m. in the HS/MS Library.


January 18 - Regular Board Meeting

January 11 - Board Workshop, Special Board Meeting

December 21 - Special, Regular Board Meeting

November 16 - Regular Board Meeting

October 26, Budget & Finance Comm, Special Board Meeting

October 19 - Budget & Finance Comm, Regular Board Meeting

October 6 - WASB Fall Regional Virtual Meeting

September 21 - Regular Board Meeting

September 21 - Annual Meeting/Budget Hearing

September 14- Special Board Meeting

August 27 -Special Board Meeting

August 17 - Compensation, Budget & Finance, Regular Board Meeting

August 14 - Policy Comm

August 10 - Board Workshop

August 5 - Buildings & Grounds Comm, Special Board Meeting

July 27 - Compensation Comm

July 20 - Budget & Finance Comm, Regular Board Meeting

July 9 - Buildings & Grounds Comm


June 30 - Special Board Meeting

June 25 - Buildings & Grounds Comm

June 23 - Buildings & Grounds Comm

June 15 - Regular Board Meeting

June 10 - Special Board Meeting

June 4 - Special Board Meeting

June 3 - Special Board Meeting

June 1- Special Board Meeting

May 28 - Special Board Meeting

May 20 - Special Board Meeting

May 18-Curriculum Comm, Regular Board Meeting

May 14-Budget & Finance Comm, Buildings & Grounds Comm

May 11-Special Board Meeting

May 7-Special Board Meeting

April 20-Buildings & Grounds Comm, Budget & Finance Comm, Regular Board Meeting

April 15-Notice of Canvas

March 30-Special Meeting

March 18 & 19- Special Board Meetings

March 16-Regular Board Meeting- This meeting will be held at 5:30 p.m.

February 24 - Buildings & Grounds Comm,Regular Board Meeting

February 17-Buildings&Grounds Comm, Regular Board Meeting-Rescheduled to 2-24-20 due to inclement weather.

February 3-Buildings & Grounds Comm

WASB State Education Convention

January 20 - Regular Board Meeting

January 15-Special Board Meeting

January 8 - Special Board Meeting

December 16 - Regular Meeting 5:00 pm

December 10 - Special Meeting, Board Workshop

December 3-Operational Referendum Presentation

November 18-Special, Regular Meeting

November 13-Budget & Finance Comm

November 12-Special Board Meeting

November 4-Buildings & Grounds

October 21-Buildings & Grounds, Policy, Budget & Finance, Curriculum, Regular

October 14-Buildings & Grounds Meeting

October 7-Buildings & Grounds Meeting

September 26-Buildings & Grounds Meeting

September 23-Special Meeting

September 16-Annual Meeting/Budget Hearing

September 16-Regular Meeting

August 20-Special Meeting

August 19-Regular Meeting

August 8-Board/Admin Workshop, Special Meeting

July 30-Special Meeting

July 1-Board/Admin Workshop, Buildings & Grounds Comm

July 15-Budget & Finance Comm, Buildings & Grounds Comm, Policy, Special Meeting, Regular Meeting


June 17-Budget & Finance Comm, Regular Meeting

May 20-Buildings & Grounds Comm, Regular Meeting

May 16-Compensation Comm

April 30-Buildings & Grounds Comm, Special Board Meeting

April 15-Compensation Comm, Budget & Finance Comm, Regular Meeting

April 8-Special Board Meeting, Canvass, Policy

April 3-Buildings & Grounds Committee

March 20-Special Board Meeting

March 18-Curriculum Comm, Regular Meeting

February 22-Notice of Canvas

February 18, 2019 - Buildings & Grounds Comm, Regular Meeting

WASB State Education Convention

January 21-Compensation Comm, Special Meeting, Regular Meeting

January 18-Special Meeting

January 9-Special Meeting

December 17-Policy Comm, Regular Meeting

December 10-Special Meeting

November 19 - Board Workshop, Regular Meeting

November 12 - Notice of Canvas

October 24-Special Meeting

October 22-Budget & Finance Comm, Special Meeting

October 15-Regular Meeting

September 17-Regular Meeting

September 17- 2017-18 Annual Meeting

September 6 - Referendum Planning Workshop & Informational Meeting

August 29-Buildings & Grounds Comm

August 23-Special Meeting

August 20-Budget & Finance Comm, Buildings & Grounds Comm, Regular Meeting

July 31-Special Meeting

July 28 - Community Strategic Planning Workshop& Information Session

July 24- Workshop

July 18-Compensation Committee

July 16-Workshop, Regular Meeting

July 11-Special Meeting

2017-18 Board meeting agendas

June 18-Regular Meeting

May 24 - Special Meeting

May 22 - Special Meeting

May 14 - Regular Meeting

May 7 - Special Meeting

April 24-Compensation Comm

April 16-Budget & Finance Comm, Buildings & Grounds Comm, Regular Meeting

April 11-Compensation Comm

April 6-Notice of Canvass

March 28-Special Meeting

March 19-Regular Meeting

February 28-Curriculum Comm, Compensation Comm, Budget & Finance Comm, Regular Meeting

February 19-Regular Meeting - Meeting Cancelled. Rescheduled to 2-28-18.

February 5, 2018-Curriculum Comm Mtg - Meeting Cancelled

January 15-Special & Regular Meeting

December 18-Buildings & Grounds Comm, Special & Regular Meeting Regular Meeting will begin at 6:30 pm.

November 20-Compensation Comm, Buildings & Grounds Comm, Special & Regular Meeting

November 13-Special Meeting

November 6-Special Meeting

October 30-Special Meeting

October 16-Regular Meeting

September 18-Regular Meeting

September 18-Annual Meeting & Budget Hearing

August 21-Regular Meeting

August 16-Budget & Finance Committee

August 10 - Policy, Buildings & Grounds Committee

July 17, 2017-Budget & Finance Committee, Board Workshop, Regular Meeting

July 6, 2017 Special Meeting

2016-17 Board Meeting Agendas

June 19-Regular Board Meeting

May 31-Buildings & Grounds Committee, Special Meeting

May 15-Regular Board Meeting

April 24-Buildings&Grounds Committee, Regular Board Meeting

April 13 - Policy Committee, Budget & Finance Committee

April 10-Compensation Committee

April 7-Notice of Canvas

March 20-Buildings & Ground Comm, Special, Regular Board Meeting

March 16-Compensation Committee

February 20-Buildings & Grounds Committee, Regular Board Meeting

WASB State Education Convention

January 23-Curriculum Committee, Special Meeting, Regular Meeting

January 16-Curriculum Committee, Special Meeting, Regular Meeting-Rescheduled to Jan 23.

January 10-Curriculum Committee - rescheduled to Jan 16.

December 19-Regular Meeting

December 1-Compensation Committee

November 30-Board Retreat

November 21-Board Retreat, Regular Meeting

November 9-Board Retreat

November 1-Compensation Committee

October 17-Special, Budget & Finance Committee, Regular Meeting

October 3-Compensation Committee

September 19-Regular Meeting

September 19-Annual Meeting & Budget Hearing

September 8-Board Retreat

August 25-Special Meeting

August 15-Regular Meeting

August 2-Special Meeting

July 28-Compensation Committee

July18-Budget & Finance Comm, Regular Meeting

July 6-Special Board Meeting, Buildings & Grounds Comm

2015-16 Board Meeting Agendas

June 20-Regular Meeting

May 24-Special Meeting

May 19-Special Meeting

May 16-Regular Meeting

May 9-Special Meeting

May 2-Special Meeting

April 26-Special Meeting

April 18-Buildings & Grounds Committee, Special, Regular Meetings

April 12-Special Meeting

April 11-Notice of Canvas, Special Meeting

April 5-Special Meeting

March 21-Regular Meeting

March 10 - Curriculum Committee

March 1 - Special Board Meeting

February 22-Special Board Meeting

February 15-Budget & Finance Committee, Special, Regular Meeting

February 1- Building & Grounds Committee

January 18-Policy Committee, Regular Meeting

WASB State Education Convention

Dec 2-Special Meeting

December 14-Special,Regular Meetings

November 18-Special Meeting

November 16-Regular Meeting

November 10- Compensation Committee

October 28-Buildings & Grounds Committee

October 19-Regular Meeting

October 13-Buildings & Grounds Committee

September 21-Annual Meeting & Budget Hearing

September 21-Board Retreat & Regular Meeting

August 25-Special Board Meeting, Budget&Finance Committee

August 17-Regular Meeting

August 11-Budget&Finance/NegotiationsCommittee-Cancelled

August 3 - Special Meeting

July 20-Budget & Finance/Buildings & Grounds Comm, Regular Meeting

July 14-Curriculum Committee

2014-15 Board Meeting Agendas

June 15-Buildings & Grounds, Budget & Finance, Regular Meeting

May 18-Buildings&Grounds Comm, Budget &Finance Comm, Regular Meeting

May 27-Special Board Meeting

April 20-Buildings&Grounds Comm, Budget & Finance Comm, Regular Meeting

April 13-Notice of Canvas, Policy Committee

March 16-Buildings & Grounds Comm, Regular Meeting

February 16- Special & Regular Meeting

January 19-Regular Meeting

January 14-Curriculum Comm

January 12-Special Meeting

Dec 15-Budget & Finance Comm, Special, Regular Meeting

Dec 11-Policy Comm

Nov 17-Regular Meeting

Nov 12-Special Meeting

Oct 28-Buildings&Grounds Comm

Oct 20-Board Cont. Education,Regular Meeting

Oct 15-Budget&Finance Comm

Oct 6-Board Continuing Education

Oct 1-Buildings&Grounds Comm

Sept 15-Annual Meeting Budget Hearing

Sept 15 Buildings & Grounds Comm, Regular Meeting

August 28-Special Meeting

August 18-Policy Committee, Regular Meeting

August 5-Special Meeting

July 21-Buildings & Grounds, Regular Meeting

July 15-Budget & Finance Comm

2013-14 Board Meeting Agendas

June 16-Regular Meeting

May 19-Regular Meeting

May 15-Negotiations Committee

May 12 Special Board Meeting

May 5-Buildings&Grounds Committee

April 30 Special Board Meeting

April 28-Regular Meeting (Board approved date change on July 17, 2013)

April 22-Special Meeting

April 8 - Notice of Canvas, Special Meetings

March 17-Regular Meeting

February 25-Buildings&GroundsCommittee

February 24-Curriculum,Budget&Finance,Regular

February 17-Budget&Finance, Regular Meeting - Postponed

Jan 29-Special Meeting

Jan 20-Curriculum Committee, Budget&Finance Committee, Regular Meeting

Jan 13-Special Meeting

Dec 16-Buildings&Grounds Comm, Budget&Finance Comm, Special & Regular Meeting

November 25-Building&Grounds Comm, Budget&Finance Comm

Nov 11-Regular Meeting

Nov 5-Board Continuing Education

Oct 28-Special Board MeetingSept 16-Special Meeting, Buildings&Grounds

Oct 21-Buildings & Grounds Committee, Regular Meeting

Sept 9-Special Board Meeting

August 27 - Special Meeting

August 19-Regular Meeting

August 15-Negotiations Committee

July 29-Budget&Finance Committee

July 15-Building&Grounds, Regular Meeting

2012-13 Board Meeting Agendas

June 28-Buildings& Grounds Committee

June 24-Buildings& Grounds Committee

June 19-Curriculum Committee

June 17-Buildings&Grounds Committee, Regular Meeting

June 6-Special Meeting, Budget & Finance Committee

May 29-Buildings & Grounds Committee, Special Board Meeting

May 20-Regular Meeting

May 9-PolicyCommittee, Special Meeting, Buildings & Grounds Committee

April 22-Regular Meeting - At the March18 meeting, the Board approved changing the date of the April regular meeting to April 22.

April 8 - Notice of Spring Election CanvasApril 24-Special Meeting

March 25 - Buildings & Grounds Committee

March 18-Buildings&Grounds,Budget&Finance,Special,Regular Meeting

March 13 - Curriculum Committee

Feb 20-Board/Administrative Retreat

Feb 18-Buildings&Grounds Committee, Special, Regular Meeting

Jan 21 - Buildings&Grounds Committee, Regular Meeting

Jan 17-Special Meeting

Dec 10 - Budget&Finance Committee, Regular Meeting At the Oct. 15 meeting, the Board approved changing the date of the Dec regular meeting to December 10.

Dec 5-Curriculum Committee

Nov 29-Special Meeting

Nov 19-Special&Regular Meetings

Nov 6-Special Meeting

Oct 29 - Special Meeting

Oct 15-Special&Regular Meetings

Sept 24 - Annual Meeting/Budget Hearing

Sept 24 Regular Board Meetin

Sept 7 -Special Meeting

August 30-Special Meeting

August 22 -Negotiations Committee

August 20-Policy,Buildings&Grounds,Special&Regular Meetings

August 7-Budget&Finance Committee

July 30-Budget&Finance/Building&Grounds Committee, Special Meeting of the Electors,Special Meeting

July 16-Regular Meeting

July 10-Special Meeting-Canceled

July 9-Buildings&Grounds Committee, Special Meeting

2011-12 Board Meeting Agendas

June 25-Budget&Finance, Special & Regular Meeting

June 6-Buildings & Grounds Committee, Special Meeting

May 31 - Special Meeting

May 21-Regular Meeting

April 23-Special Meeting

April 20- Curriculum Committee

April 16-Regular Meeting

April 11 - Curriculum Committee

April 9-Canvas Election,Budget&Finance,Buildings&Grounds,Special Meeting

Mar 19-Buildings&Grounds, Special,Regular Meeting

Mar 12-Buildings & Grounds/Budget & Finance Committee

Feb 27-Budget & Finance Committee

Feb 20-Special, Regular Meeting

Feb 15-Budget & Finance Committee

Feb 2-Budget & Finance Committee

Jan 19-Regular Meeting

Jan 12-Special Meeting

Dec 19-Special, Regular Meeting

Nov 21-Buildings & Grounds Committee,Special,Regular Meeting

Nov 15- Curriculum Committee

October 24 - Special Meeting

October 17 -Special, Regular Meeting

October 3 - Board Retreat

September 22 -Special Meeting

September 19 - 2010-11 Annual Meeting

September 19 -Special, Regular Meeting

September 7 - Special Mtg, Buildings & Grounds Committee

August 22 - Regular Board Meeting

August 2 - Special Board Meeting

August 1 - Special Board Meeting

July 18 - Special, Regular Meeting

July 12 - Policy Committee

July 12 - Curriculum Committee

July 7 - Policy Committee

July 5 - Policy Committee