No Harm Done, No Money Loss

practice without harming vines, protect nature and your budget

Learn in Virtual Environments, Get Real Experiences!

Enjoy the experience and learn how to treat vines in famous vineyards at Burgundy, Napa Valley and Umbria!

What is VitiVR?

VitiVR is a viticulture VR training simulation being developed for viticulture, enology and agriculture education and job orientation. VitiVR is support the transfer of theory into practice and let the users live the experience in a virtual and interactive environment.

Why VitiVR?

Not all agricultural faculties possess excess vineyards for practice work as there are high costs associated with creating vineyards, which includes ongoing expenses related to maintenance and repair. Real environments give only one soil type and limited vine types while VitiVR provides trainees opportunities for practicing on different virtual environments. In this VR training app, users gain valuable experience by making mistakes which won’t cause any real harm to the vine. This helps trainees build confidence in their craft while avoiding any financial loses for the vineyard.


Why We Are Focused VR on Training?

Interactive virtual reality technology has the benefit of manually realizing experiences which enables the brain to build powerful new connections in relation to knowledge, action, and long-term memory. Virtual reality can also help us to better retain information that’s presented to us cross-modally, visual, auditory and tactile.

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3D Artist




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