Every Wednesday in July and August, 6:30 pm - activity nights at the Kolars' place.

September 13-16 - Metanoia East, Ottawa (Vineyard conference). Check Vineyard Canada periodically for more info.

July 23-26, 2018 - Vineyard National Gathering in Montreal.

Weekly Events

SUNDAY MORNING GATHERINGS (Celebrations) at 10am. There are classes and childcare for children 0-12.

SMALL GROUPS (taking a break for July and August, but likely to restart in September)

Wednesday at 10am, women's coffee (contact Marnie Kolar)

Wednesday at 7pm, co-ed home group (contact Peter Wiebe)

Thursday at 7pm, men’s group (contact Ed Kolar)

Thursday at 7pm, women’s group (contact Caroline Bothamley)