Mission Statement

Belief Statements

  1. Every individual is unique and has value.
  2. A synergistic relationship exists between our school and our community.
  3. Education is the foundation for success.
  4. All stakeholders have a shared responsibility to ensure a safe, orderly, equitable and respectful school environment.
  5. Every individual has the right to and is accountable for a rigorous and relevant education.
  6. Effective decision-making is student focused.
  7. Education is more than academics.
  8. It is important to embrace growth while preserving core values.

District Mission

The Vilonia School District, a visionary an innovative, student-centered organization, will inspire, with integrity, students to be lifelong learners and responsible citizens who make positive contributions to society, by equipping and empowering them through a rigorous and relevant education.


The Vilonia School District will:

  1. Always maintain high expectations.
  2. Always make decisions in the best interest of students.
  3. Always be good stewards of resources.
  4. Never compromise our integrity.
  5. Always maintain open and honest communication.


  1. The Vilonia School District will maintain a 100% graduation rate.
  2. By the end of the fourth grade, every Vilonia School District student will be at or above grade level in reading, and/or will have met individual reading goals.
  3. Vilonia School District students’ compiled scores on state-mandated achievement tests will be in the top 10% in the state of Arkansas.