VIRAL & Peer Selection


VIRAL is the framework through which VilCap programs run. All curriculum and peer ranks are informed by this simple chart. VIRAL is meant to get investors and entrepreneurs speaking the same language and have a shared understanding of what entrepreneurs need to get to their next level of funding. Our curriculum will regularly refer back to these different categories, so be sure to familiarize yourself with them.

Read more about VIRAL and the VilCap method here.

Peer Selection

Peer selection is the months-long process of cohort members receiving real-time, actionable feedback from their peers. Throughout the Village Capital process, entrepreneurs are constantly evaluating their own VIRAL levels through assessing their fellow entrepreneurs. Feedback is oriented around these categories to create targeted, useful feedback through radically transparent conversations and evaluation. At the end of the program, cohort members will have a better sense of where they are and what they need to succeed regardless of "winning" the investment money.

Read more about Peer Selection here.

Program Ranking Platform

Each of the three trial ranks in addition to the final rank are housed on our platform, You will receive a login and password to manage your cohort once you sign on as a Community.

Once you are registered as a facilitator, you can add you program and cohort members to the platform.

In addition to walking entrepreneurs through the rank and displaying the scores in an easy-to-digest way, the platform is also used for:

  • Team profiles and contact information for other entrepreneurs in the cohort
  • Mentor profiles
  • The workshop schedules
  • A list of tasks and assignments as prep for each workshop